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Podcamp Montreal Tweets Away for Another Year

Posted by Scott / September 22, 2009

Podcamp Montreal took place this past weekend and brought a host of media-savvy weirdos together. Podcamp bills itself as the "New Media UnConference", and the seminars are primarily for people creating podcasts or deeply engaged in social media applications who want to know what else their community is doing.

This was my first time attending the event, and I had a good time, gettin' my learn-on.

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M60 - Montreal's 60 Second Film Festival Explores Deception

Posted by Scott / September 11, 2009

screen-shot-M60.jpgOne participant interviewed experts - six cats - about the M60

The Sala Rossa was full to standing-room-only capacity for the the second night of M60: Montreal's 60 Second Film Festival. The second annual edition of the event saw 74 film-makers screening their pieces on the theme of Deception for peers, friends and fans, in a fast-moving, entertaining evening.

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Zero to Sixty - The Montreal 60 Second Film Festival

Posted by Scott / September 8, 2009

m60-logo.gifWhat can you do in 60 seconds? Other than read this post, or reply to Viagra spam?

The second-annual edition of the Montreal 60 Second Film Festival (or, coolly abbreviated as: M60) kicks off tomorrow and continues through September 9, 10, and 11, 2009.

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The Silt, Wyrd Visions, Castlemusic, Apothecary Hymns @ Casa

Posted by Scott / June 17, 2007

thesilt-at-casa.jpgThis Suoni event involved a lovely Saturday evening in the Casa, bolstered by four acts that could best be described as post-folk, as the day‚??s crushing heat receded. I stayed by the door, enjoying a cross-breeze and a few pints as the show got underway. You will note that this review is too long, but I am obliged to say that the evening was as well. While each act was skilled and offered a unique variation on blues and folk motifs, a showcase of four experimental artists was simply too much. I found each successive artist suffered from audience attrition, and the show slipped into the wee hours before the headliners were ready to perform.

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Cul de Sac perform for Murnau‚??s Faust @ Sala

Posted by Scott / June 11, 2007

faust-one.jpg(photo of Faust getting his young-on, in a very dark Sala Rossa)

Boston art-rockers Cul de Sac made their first visit to Montreal this weekend, taking part in the (thus far) stellar Suoni Per Il Popolo festival. In a completely darkened Sala Rossa, the quartet used guitar, drums, violin, synth, bass, some samples and various percussion instruments to provide the soundtrack for F.W. Murnau‚??s 1926 silent film, Faust. Based on the Goethe piece, Faust tells the story of a man who sells his soul to the devil, in exchange for youth and the chance at gaining the love of Gretchen, ein lokaler hottie (a local hottie).

For their part, Cul de Sac provided a rollicking, layered score, weaving together everything from the minimal creaking of a bow across violin strings, to two- and three-part accompaniment, to full-on rocking numbers. It was an afternoon that showed the potential of instrumental music to move beyond being ‚??interesting‚?Ě and become something transformative.

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Sea & Cake and the Zincs @ Sala Rossa

Posted by Scott / June 4, 2007

sea-cake-three.jpg(Prekop, Prewitt and a LOT of dudes)

While the Sea & Cake are an odd fit with the Suoni Per Il Popolo festival, it didn‚??t seem to bother the sell-out crowd at Sala. Boasting what can be described as ‚??civilized set times‚?Ě (ie: early start, and unlike so many shows, actually running on time), this night offered two Chicago bands that balanced clean, pop songwriting with smart changes and an intricate layering of instruments. This was a night of refreshing understatement, and it‚??s funny how significant that can be.

First on the bill were the Zincs, who are a traditional four-piece (2 guitars, bass and drums) with a computer thrown in every so often for texture. They played twangy indierock that reminded me (at times) of the Wedding Present, or like the Shins if Mark Kozelek were singing.

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