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Coldplay, Yeah yeah yeahs, The Roots and More at Osheaga this Weekend!

Posted by Sepideh / July 30, 2009

Osheaga is on the cards this weekend and I feel like I've just scored the Ace... A snail like pace and lack of credit card meant I missed out on Lykke Li at Club Soda this February gone. Fortunately, she will be up there on Saturday 1st August at Jean Drapeau Park with the likes of The Roots, Jason Mraz, Girl Talk, Eagles of Death Metal, K'naan, Caracol, Elbow, Josh Ritter, La Roux... and of course Coldplay headlining... and that's just for Saturday.

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Barry Cole and His "Intercultural Conversations" - Grant Money for Montreal Theatres!

Posted by Sepideh / June 29, 2009

Theatre's communicative potential is undisputed. It can mentally loop the audience with the performers they are watching. They gain not only an abstract message but can themselves engage in a range of emotions displayed or elicited by the performance. Such potential for drawing understanding and empathy is what led Barry Cole, President of the Cole Foundation, to pursue his community support initiative in the form of grants to theatre companies who wish to engage in "Intercultural Conversations".

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Get Some Rock Under Your BELT: This Friday at Quai Des Brumes

Posted by Sepideh / June 11, 2009

I like it on the rocks. When it locks high energy, old school rules with an iron tryst of vocals, guitar, bass and drums. That's tomorrow night's heavy sweating with BELT, supporting Mad Parish at Quai Des Brumes on St Denis.

The trio, Johnny Marcil, Hugo Lachance and Marc Riverin, started playing together as BELT in January this year. They don't reinvent the wheel of heavy rock but rather, keep it turning in a Montreal bed dominated by Indie prose, with some refreshing, accessible, good ol' heavy metal...

Friday 12th June 2009, 10pm

Cover $5

Quai Des Brumes
4481 Rue St. Denis
(cross street Mont Royal)

Metro Roulette: Namur, Signs of the Times

Posted by Sepideh / June 9, 2009

I have a confession to make. I've never taken the metro to Namur. I've cycled each time instead. My little hunk of junk isn't much but she rides the cavitied and cratered tarmac of Montreal with courage, diligence and a wee bit of grace. She gets by, and I get to wherever I want to go. This time, again, the lure was Namur...

... And one very particular place in Namur: the massive Orange Julep. Forget James and the Giant Peach, this building, literally a big orange ball in the middle of a circular car park, not only serves an iconic Montreal drink, Orange Julep, but harks well and truly back to the days of Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Bill Haley & his Comets. There are loudspeakers dotted around the car park and though there were no roller skating waitresses attending to me, the place still holds such charm that it's not difficult to imagine them rockin' and rollin' between the cars to the rifts of Johnny B. Goode.

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Jungle Vs. Drum n Bass

Posted by Sepideh / May 24, 2009

People in Montreal love electronic music. They spin its praises all year round. Festivals, Mutek and Piknic ?lectronik, roll on during the Summer, Igloofest in the Winter, as well as many, many... many many many electronic club nights all year round. Don't get me wrong, I love it, I do, but uniformity is the vice of life and I am definitely guilty of craving some phat DnB beats when I've been kicking it at one of the above.

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Los Campesinos! Rock Sala Rosa

Posted by Sepideh / April 9, 2009

Los Campesinos
After watching Donnie Darko the night before I didn't know quite how to feel when Gareth, the lead singer of Welsh collective Los Campesinos!, playing at Sala Rosa last Tuesday, declared that "this next song is about how we are all going to die alone". Hmmm, I thought to myself, should I be evoking images of the time-travelling granny who whispers in Donnie's ear that all creatures in this world die alone? Should I be sombre and self-indulgently reflect on my own fate? Should I...? Well, as it actually turned out, I didn't.

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