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Mazzy Star to play Club Soda tonight

Posted by Shawn / November 17, 2013

Mazzy StarIt's been a surprisingly good year
for comebacks. My Bloody Valentine,
Queens Of The Stone Age and David Bowie returned with
albums that were not only better than expected (if one had
expectations to begin with) but also proved to be a continued
relevance to the current musical landscape. Mazzy
can indeed be added to this list as they've
returned with their first album in 17 years, Seasons
Of Your Day. Best known for their single Fade
Into You
, the band has meticulously crafted another dreamy,
haunting and deliberately slow album. As a plus, Mazzy
Star's latest offers a refreshingly dynamic sound that
circumvents the loudness
audio compression issue ever-so-present on most of today's

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Bravery, repetition and (a bit less) noise: Wooden Shjips @ Casa Del Popolo tonight

Posted by Shawn / November 11, 2013

Wooden Shjips

How to explain Wooden
sound to someone who has never heard them? You
could give a clichd "greater than the sum of its parts": Can
meets Neil Young meets Velvet Underdround meets etc...",
or you could say, "Well, there's this long bearded wizard-like
lookin' dude called Ripley who plays these ridiculously
trippy guitar solos over the same groove for something like 7 minutes
a song". Both work. It's a very specific, unique sound that
somehow can only be described in broad strokes.

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