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Coming to an Abandoned Lot Near You

Posted by Sisi / December 4, 2008

20081204_foraging.jpgIn amongst the pumps © 2008 illeboc-r.

Steve Brill has led hundreds of guided tours throughout the states of New York and Connecticut. He takes groups of visitors to locations like Central Park, Bear Mountain, and Sugar Pond. During each outing, he points out plants with such exotic names as chickweed, carnelian cherry, and common spicebush.

But Steve Brill is no ordinary tour guide. Although he is a naturalist by trade, Brill is best known as ‚??Wildman,‚?Ě America‚??s most famous forager. Foraging means living off the land, and to do that, one must have intimate knowledge of edible plants.

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Expozine: Now with 50% more pulp

Posted by Sisi / November 27, 2008

20081127_poster.jpgPosters from Expozine 2006. Photo: "5th anniversary party" by Flickr user sfflaw.

At the mention of the word ‚??zine,‚?Ě most people think of quaint little booklets plastered in riot grrrl scrawls and anarchy symbols. Wildly popular in the early 1990‚??s, they faded from public awareness and were chalked up as a fad. Right?

Wrong. Zine culture is alive and kicking. There‚??s no better place to be than Montreal, a fertile playing ground for a dizzying array of genres. There are smut zines, bike zines, feminist zines, queer zines, fashion zines, all manner of zines.

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An Open Letter to Music Fans

Posted by Sisi / November 14, 2008

20081114_crowd.jpgPhoto: "W.A.S. / Art Brut / Spinto Band @ La Tulipe," by Midnight Poutine Flickr pooler Nika.

Every concert-goer has a pet peeve. Whether it's the horde of suburban teenagers in the front row singing the lyrics to every song or the fraternity douchebags sloshing their drinks all over you, there's usually a point where you shake your head and mutter to a friend. Granted, it's annoying. But these are things to be expected at a concert and, in the end, life goes on.

There is, however, a breaking point. Yesterday, my roommate got trampled during Girl Talk. She was knocked down as people mobbed the stage, bottlenecking through an improvised staircase that she happened to be standing near. The two friends that she was with tried to help her up, but repeatedly got pushed back by the surging crowd.

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Morning Brew: November 14, 2008

Posted by Sisi / November 14, 2008

20081114_legato.jpgPhoto: "Legato Night," by Midnight Poutine Flickr pooler chuck.bergeron.

Your morning news roundup for Friday, November 14th, 2008:

A sociology professor at the University of Ottawa was arrested yesterday morning at his Gatineau home. 55-year old Hassan Diab is being linked to a terrorist attack on a Parisian synagogue almost 30 years ago. The bomb left four people dead and 20 injured. Diab will appear at the Ottawa courthouse tomorrow afternoon.

Etobicoke-Lakeshore MP Michael Ignatieff is once again back in the Liberal game. The 61-year old former Harvard professor and author is up against an old friend, Toronto Centre MP Bob Rae.

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Morning Brew: November 7, 2008

Posted by Sisi / November 7, 2008

20081107_foggy.jpgPhoto: "Fog Patrol," by Midnight Poutine Flickr pooler All About Eve.

Your morning news roundup for Friday, November 7th, 2008:

There is a deer in the streets of Montreal. Yes, a deer. This morning at 8 a.m., Park Ex residents reported seeing a Virginia deer. It was tracked down to an area surrounded by a 2 metre chain link fence, which it tried to jump. The deer had injuries to the mouth from impacting the fence; witnesses also saw it hit a car. As of 9:30 a.m., the police had roped the area off and were waiting for wildlife agents.

The Quebec comedy duo of Marc-Antoine Audette and Sébastien Trudel caused grief to the McCain-Palin camp with their prank call, reported several U.S. newspapers. Palin's failture to tell McCain that she had plans to speak with "Sarkozy" aggravated the Republican ex-candidate.

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Morning Brew: October 31

Posted by Sisi / October 31, 2008

20081031_halloween.jpgPhoto: "All Pumpkins," by Midnight Poutine Flickr pooler steveyb.

Your morning news roundup for Friday, October 31st, 2008:

Worried about Nov. 4? You're not the only one. The U.S. presidential election, just days away, is already plagued with complaints of voter fraud, faulty machines, and intimidation. Polls show Obama and McCain neck-and-neck in several swing states, so controversies on election day could determine who ascends to the White House. In anticipation, both the Democrats and the Republicans have hired hordes of lawyers to monitor results.

According to a series of studies at the University of Rochester, men are more attracted to women in red. What's more, they're more likely to spend dolla dolla bills to wine and dine her than they would women in other colors. The results could indicate a deep-seated association of red with sex. No wonder Little Red Riding Hood costumes on grown women make men all funny.

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