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Celebrate 32 Years of Rich-Uncle Skelleton

Posted by Stacy / December 28, 2013

2013-12-28-richuncle.jpgMontreal's most enigmatic taste-maker, Rich Uncle-Skelleton had a huge 2013 - what with the premier of his digital baroque opera, Party Like it's 1699, a three-show partnership with M Pour Montreal and the launch of his new video series, 'Rich Uncle Presents,' it's as though everything he touches turns to gold.

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Collective Speak :OFDT

Posted by Stacy / December 19, 2013

OFDT Collective co-founders Marc-Antoine Clement and Jean-Paul Pahn are both the particular type of young creative whom has at once perfected their craft to perfection, maintained a sense of wonder and enthusiasm for the artists they interact with and possess the ability to bring to life aesthetic conceptions that are artfully suited for their spatial context.

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In the mix with DJ Lawrence Sim

Posted by Stacy / November 14, 2013


Holding a well rounded career behind the turn tables DJ Lawrence Sim had a chance to sit down with us to talk a bit more about current projects and the spirit of disco, funk, & soul. Here is what became of that session.

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Hip-Hop Lives at La Mode est Morte

Posted by Stacy / August 6, 2013

2012 was the year of the indie femcee comeback with Azalea Banks, Angel Haze, Kilo Kush and Kitty Pryde making waves. Canada has always gotten the short end of the stick in terms of hip-hop coverage, but Quebec is home to two female MCs that could certainly give Drake a run for his money and they will be sharing a stage for the first time ever this Tuesday at La Mode est Morte Mardis at the Royal Phoenix Bar.

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Black Fashion Week Montreal

Posted by Stacy / May 16, 2013

20130516_blackfashionweek.jpgMontreal's Black Fashion Week, presented by Adama Paris, begins tonight at Eglise Saint-Jean Baptiste Just in case you let the title fool you, the event is actually geared towards expressions of multiculturalism(s) within fashion itself.

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In Concert: Bantam Wing & Synga

Posted by Stacy / April 15, 2013

20130414_bantamwing4.JPGIf you don't know Bantam Wing & Synga, consider this an introduction. Both bands played to a laid back sunday audience at Casa del Popolo last night. Here are photos from the evening.20130414_bantamwing3.JPG Be sure to take a listen to Bantam Wing, as well as Synga.Find more pics from the evening on the Midnight Poutine Facebook Page
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