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The Line-up @ Kola Note, 7/19

Posted by Susan / July 20, 2007

20070720_bobdavid.JPGMP alumnus Matt SIlver writes:

How was the show last night? It was great!

Is that enough for today, Midnight Poutine? No? (Long sigh) Okay. Lemme see what I can muster up. (Another long, laboured sigh) Itā??s justā?¦Iā??m so tired, Midnight Poutine. Really, I canā??t keep up this pace, itā??s killing me. Iā??ve been drinking for, like, days, and...and....Iā??ve seen like a million comedy shows and everything is starting to bleed together in my mind. Iā??m not sure, but I think I may have forgotten how to laugh!

Okay Silver, keep it together. Just a few more days left and then youā??re free. Just write a nice little review for the people and Midnight Poutine will leave you alone. Comedy will stop haunting your dreams and you'll have your life back.

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Kids in the Hall @ Place des Arts, 7/18

Posted by Susan / July 19, 2007

MP alumnus Matt Silver writes:

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with WKRP in Cincinnati. I watched it every day after school on CBC. I used to hope and pray that one day, a network executive would be smart enough to make a new installment of WKRP, so I could see what happened to all my favourite characters like Dr. Johnny Fever, Jennifer Flowers, and Les Nessman.

Then one day, a network executive was smart enough. ABC began running ads for The New WKRP in Cincinnati. My kiddie brain almost couldnā??t handle the excitement. I marked the day of the big premier on my calendar and waited for my dreams to come true. The night of the pilot episode, I slipped a blank VHS tape into the VCR for posterity, ate my dinner in the TV room (so as not to miss a single moment), and took my phone off the hook so that none of my friends could interrupt. At 8pm the show began; I couldnā??t believe that my young eyes were lucky enough to witness such an historical event.

Half an hour later, I came to understand what Thomas Wolfe meant when he said that you canā??t go home again.

This was the lesson I brought with me to The Kids in The Hall show last night at Place Des Arts.

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Juste Pour Rire extravaganza: Jimmy Carr, Phil Nicol, & Jim Jeffries

Posted by Susan / July 18, 2007

20070718_jimmycarr.jpgMP alumnus Matt Silver writes:

Iā??ll be straight up with you here; I hate writing about comedy shows. When I first got this assignment, I was like, ā??Cool! I get to see a bunch of comedy shows for free, and all I have to do is write something about them. Piece of cake.ā? And now here I am trying to write about the three shows I saw tonight without sounding like a total d-bag (nearly impossible, by the way). How the hell are you supposed to communicate second-hand the energy and mood of a comedy show? I guess honesty is the best approach, however, seeing as how all three shows lived and died by their claims to it.

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Zack Galifianakis @ Cabaret Juste Pour Rire

Posted by Susan / July 16, 2007

MP alumnus Matt Silver writes:

Zack Galifianakis makes it look easy. So easy that he can let his beard grow out, and just wear whatever he wants to wear, and play a couple heart-wrenching tunes on the piano while telling a handful of one liners and everyone goes wild. He can go out into the audience and just chitter-chat with anyone he wants, and hit the piano again with a couple more one-liners and, well, people go completely bananas.

The danger of a character like Zack Galifianakis is that comedy nerds, college kids, and junior executives see a Zack Galifianakis show, like I did, and then they hit the common room or the water cooler and shoot off what seems like a couple simple jokes and just bomb hopelessly.

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Mirah @ Sala, 7/12

Posted by Susan / July 13, 2007


A waiting crowd; an empty stage.

Never have I seen such a good story with such a miserable audience.

The evening started out well enough. Opener Benjy Ferree and his band hit the ground running with pitch-perfect harmonies and strong, thumping rhythms that filled my head with descriptors like "not just" and "more than".

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Kevin McDonald @ Theatre Ste. Catherine

Posted by Susan / July 11, 2007

20070711_KevinMcDonald.JPGMP alumnus Matt Silver writes:

The great thing about the Kids in The Hall was that without making it seem difficult, they were able to breathe new life into old stock comedy characters. Bruce McCullough gave us the hyperactive kid in the form of Gavin; Scott Thompson gave us the middle class businessman in the form of Danny Husk. Dave Foley did the disaffected stoned teenager Brian, and Mark McKinney did the best damn Chicken Lady Iā??ve ever seen (I know, not much of a stock characterā?¦yet).

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