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Show Review/Angry Rant/Defence of Hipster Guys

Posted by Trixie / June 13, 2007

yousaypartywesaydie.jpgSometimes when you go to see a show, the night manages to be about the show itself‚??you can concentrate on the music and the performance, for better or for ill. But sometimes the night highjacks your attention from the show, even if you try to not have it be so. The latter was the case on the occasion of the You Say Party! We Say Die! appearance at Le Divan Orange.

Now, say what you will about so-called hipster venues, at least generally a gal can count on not being hassled overly much by the fellas. Whether this is out of actual sensitivity/politeness or plain awkwardness isn‚??t the point, at least not in the moment. I‚??m sure sexual resentment and a sense of male entitlement simmers within the hearts of hipster boys as much as within guys elsewhere, but some kind of social etiquette (perhaps a mixture of feigned nonchalance, ironic stance, and an investment, authentic or just for show, in reconstructed gender relations) tends to foreclose on the need for the ladies to constantly fend off rude and blatant harassment.

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Keren Ann @ Le National

Posted by Trixie / June 9, 2007

Though most everyone there was really young, the Keren Ann show at Le National felt like a very adult affair. Partly it was the hushed grandeur of the venue itself; it was also the rapt and just-correctly-appreciative audience; mostly it was the stately, self-assured professionalism of the singer-songwriter herself. She is based out of Paris and New York, and Israel, and this cosmopolitan polyglot in the chic black dress and dark bangs and with a focused and unflappable and gracious air could control her hushed but strong voice perfectly and play her various guitars and harmonica with precision and gamely entertain with amusing between-song banter and could just generally, and in fact, hit all the right notes.

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Loney, Dear @ Club Lambi

Posted by Trixie / June 8, 2007

Loney, Dear is the name of Swedish singer/songwriter Emil Svan√§ngen‚??s band. For awhile I mistakenly read the name as ‚??Lonely, Dear‚?Ě and found the poignant little phrase sweetly compelling as far as band monikers go.

What ‚??Loney, Dear‚?Ě signifies, I have no idea. But my hunch about the band was correct. They‚??well, he, since, as I understand it, the project is Svan√§ngen‚??s and he brings in a backing band to tour but not to record‚??make for a sweetly compelling show.

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Sunset Rubdown @ Sala Rossa May 2007

Posted by Trixie / May 9, 2007

20070509_sunset.jpgA common lament these days is that indie rock has become all art no rock; too much of it is stultifyingly twee and precious. Certainly, there is a fine line between an elevated agony, with all the theatrics or mania that may require, and the tiresome posturing of psycho-socially stunted wusses.

Personally, I am quite forgiving of the self-indulgent, the tormented, the dweebie, the faltering, the hyper-referential‚??what would post-punk be without such preoccupations? But it‚??s easy to lose interest when a good heady dose of sex is utterly absent from the mix. As a friend of mine lamented after seeing The Decemberists, ‚??It made me desperate to see a band with tight pants and hard cocks.‚?Ě I too am tired of the feeling that a lot of bands would rather be reading about it than doin‚?? it.

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Lonely Hearts Club Video Pick: Summer Escape

Posted by Trixie / April 19, 2007

Admittedly, as of Wednesday it seems that prodigal Spring has finally made a weak entrance‚??crawling in with its tail between its legs. And though it cheers me all the same, it‚??s come a bit late for me to put my trust in the weather that easily. Thus, I am inclined to hole up this weekend with some videos, and not brave an actual trip outside to the theatres. For I did that just this last Sunday, thinking that venturing out to the movies mid-April might be a nice way to get some much-needed fresh air. Instead, as we all know, Winter kicked up one more miserable slush-spewing tantrum before giving up the ghost.

As I returned home that night, soaked through hair-to-foot, brutally chilled and praying for traction each of the countless times that the 80 bus, struggling to get up Parc, spun its wheels, I vowed that I‚??d stay in next week-end, no matter how amenable the weather‚??that little tease!‚??promised to be.

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Sebadoh @ Sala Rossa

Posted by Trixie / March 25, 2007

Sebadoh at SalaThe night of the Sebadoh show was something like a meeting at an old friend‚??s place‚?? someone you haven‚??t seen in years and so you‚??re really hoping he is still cool. Unfortunately, you arrive before your friend is home and have to suffer through his trying-too-hard, off-putting roommate‚??s insistent attempts to entertain you.

And as you wait around, wondering how the roommate‚??s shtick can be both so generic and so painfully feeble, you start to wonder if you should be here at all, or if the visit with the old friend isn‚??t bound to be just disappointing and boring and awkward, as these things often are when the shared sensibilities of over a decade ago are tested in the here and now.

But despite your doubts, everything falls into place; happily, not only is your friend cooler than you remember him, but your connection seems entirely relevant, enhanced rather than ossified by nostalgia‚??in many ways it makes more sense now than ever.

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