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The Great Not-So-South: Dixie by William S. Messier

Posted by Caitlin / December 15, 2013

dixie.jpgDixie, William S. Messier's third novel published by Marchand de feuilles, is at once hard to read and completely engrossing. Messier moves between gory descriptions of decaying dead animals and the tragic melancholy of the ghosts that haunt the isolated land of the author's childhood: the Eastern Townships. As this also being where I grew up, I can say that the juxtaposition of poetics and grit the author constructs creates a surreal yet surprisingly resonant portrait of the area.

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An Apocalyptic Party? It's Just the Beginning....

Posted by Bryan / November 10, 2013

Z'Isle is a bilingual Montreal-based comic series featuring all of your favorite haunts, haunted by the living dead. It is filled with painstakingly evocative illustrations. Artist Dan Buller is part of the acclaimed and beloved street art collective En Masse. Alongside the realistically rendered biting zombies you can read into the subtle and biting social commentary. What happens when consumption gets out of control? This is about zombies in Montreal, and also about the self-destructive beast inside of all of us, and how we might be able to control it.

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Representing BC Poets at Montreal's Atwater Poetry Project

Posted by Greg / October 28, 2013

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This post was written by Emily Paskevics

The next instalment of the Atwater PoetryProject, an almost-monthly series showcasing established and emerging poets from Montreal and across Canada, will take place on October 31th.

At the last one, on October 3rd, the featured poets were
Sarah Burgoyne and Steven Price, who, although at different stages of
their careers, are both born-and-raised West Coasters. Burgoyne is
currently a grad student in the English Department at Concordia
University, while Price is an instructor at the University of

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Free Comic Book Day at Crossover Comics

Posted by Christine / May 3, 2013

20130503-FCBD.jpg Graphic novel aficionados and casual hobbyists alike, Crossover Comics invites you to join them for their Free Comic Book Day tomorrow between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. at 3568 Notre-Dame West.

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"Conspiration autour d'une chanson d'amour": Book Review

Posted by Caitlin / April 5, 2013

conspirations-05-04-2013.jpg"Conspiration autour d'une chanson d'amour" is Montreal author …milie Andrewes' fourth novel published in French by local publishers XYZ. The first thing that seems relevant to say about this book is that it feels almost like a collection of everything. Because that is an inherently impossible fact, I will say that it is a meeting point and at times a collision point between genres, eras, tones and seasons.

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Spaces Between: "Espaces" by Olivia Tapiero

Posted by Caitlin / February 15, 2013

espaces-cover-2013-02-15.jpgEspaces is Olivia Tapiero's second novel. That simple sentence puts all of us writers to shame in that this author was born in 1990. She also won the Robert-Cliche Prize in 2009. I can't speak for anyone else but I know that when I was 20 years old, not only was I not publishing books and winning prizes, but I certainly wasn't writing anything this beautiful and deeply unsettling.

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