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Montreal's Mile End...8 Beer On....

Posted by Dave / September 29, 2005

IMG_2284.jpgWith all of the attention Montreal's Mile End district has been receiving over the past year, it's enough to lead someone to drink. Yes, after about 8 (or more if you wish) of those drinks, you actually start to realize what it really is that makes this now "Ultra Cool" part of town great. Before this district's hipster cred Increased tenfold, there was just a beautiful part of town.

You may also be thinking, "I live in Mile End, don't you think I already know this, Jack Ass?" This may be true. I may in fact be a Jack Ass. However, so many people pass through this beautiful part of town on a daily basis and never really stop to appreciate what they have around them.

Should it really take 8 drinks to really appreciate this? Well, it doesn't hurt. Plus with all of the great watering holes in Mile End, you know it's bound to happen. In fact, next time you're walking through Mile End, stop. Look up. Look around you. Whether it be a 70 year old married couple sitting on their porch, cats chasing squirrels up a tree or a now-abandoned warehouse featured on a Cartoon Network television show, you may just realize how much more of Mile End there is to see than Spin Magazine will tell you.

Although the three photos shown are in no way a limit of what makes Mile End beautiful, this is the unfortunate limitation of the 8 beer. Montreal's Mile End could easily produce a 100 page book of pictures that would leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. But when you're having difficulty standing, about 3 to 4 photos will probably do. Perhaps next time I can look into a "Mile End 2 Beer On" and see if more photos for public viewing can be produced. Until that day/night comes, this is all I got.


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