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Climate Change or Menacing Ice Gods?

Posted by Robyn / November 28, 2005

Freezing rain! Freezing. Rain.
Oh, perilous Sunday night of lost Grey Cups and better-than-expected indie rock. You have proven my feet still unstable on icy sidewalks and my coat warm yet not impervious to wet. You have humbled me, reduced my long-strided gait to a shuffle, my fingers to nothing more than frozen cod, packaged to convention.

It's like you, quiet yet angry Sunday night, are embracing the themes of next weekend's UN Climate Change conference, trying to tell us something. Maybe I should have expected freezing rain in late November, I don't know. It just seemed weird, very "late-Feb/early March." Do what you have to do, man, snow if you've gotta snow, whatever. Freezing rain is just crazy though, what with turning St.Laurent into an insta-skating-rink for a bit, and forget about the side streets... I have always said tough it out, try your damnedest, accept the conditions, but I may have to reach for the fork on this one and get these, if only for the sake of my ankles, whose days of both fashion and function, I really do fear, are numbered.

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