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Vote Bleu Dry!

Posted by Dave / November 26, 2005

BiElections.jpgOn December 12th, 2005 the Provincial riding of Outremont will have a Bi-Election. You may have noticed, as just about everything in Outremont/Mile End is plastered with Political Party signs. Here is my review of, not their political platform, but the signs themselves.

First off, I know that Labatt spells "Bleue" differently than the Parti Quebequois, but I just can't help it. When ever I see their sign out of the corner of my eye, their "Votez Blue" slogans makes me think it's a Labatt beer add campaign. I give them credit for using something as simply as a colour to get across an idea, but all I can think of is beer.

Next up is the Quebec Liberal Party. Their sign provides possibly the best head shot of the candidate. However, it doesn't have a hook. It doesn't give me something I'm going to remember tomorrow. Quite frankly, it wasn't until I uploaded this photo that I realized that the top sign was for the Quebec Liberals.

ADQ2.jpgNext up is the Action Democratique de Quebec. Their sign isn't on the above photo, and I'll explain why. The ADQ seem to have some financial problems. Yet, their sign , upon first seeing it, had me thinking "Hey, I wanna be in that band!". That's right, their sign looks like it should be the cover of next week's NME of some new up and coming band. This leads me to believe that they spent their whole budget on a good photographer and a copy of Photoshop, but had no money left to print more than 8 signs. On the block where I was taking photos, I could find only 2 ADQ signs.

Them we have the UFP. My first thought was, "there's a fourth party that isn't the Pot Party?" Their sign is very simple, but they have two things going for them. Their candidate looks like a cool SOB. He looks like that "hip" teacher everyone had in high school. They second thing they have going for them is pure quantity. They have at least one or two signs on every post I could find. Quite impressive for a party I had personally never heard of.

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