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We will break you, mortals

Posted by Robyn / November 29, 2005

So maybe I'm starting to believe in these weather gods after all. Or "nature" or whatever. But c'mon, 18 degrees?! A warm breeze?! I think my winter brain just exploded, fuck, thanks. Am I putting away my summer clothes or bringing them out again? Do I get to ditch the boots and wear real shoes after today? But they felt so unencumbering! Do I have to stop eating all this beef stew now? And what about the hot toddies?

I had to turn my heat down. I had to put product in my hair because I couldn't just put a toque on. And I think my bike just winked at me. What is going ON?! It felt like SPRING. But it's not Spring. Is it? Do I have to switch back to drinking Blonde? The Noir was going down so well. Is it just a myth that a warm November means a rough winter?! Montreal, weathergods, nature, Universe, climate change: you are a TREAT.

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