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Montreal Kicked In The Nuts By Mother Nature

Posted by Dave / December 16, 2005

Winter3.jpgOverheard this morning: "Holy Shit!" This was of course said by me when I first looked out the window after waking up. Overnight Montreal received a swift kick in the nuts by Mother Nature. By mid morning, over 30 centimetres of snow had already fallen.

This is of course not to take away from the almost terminal beating both the Southern U.S. and Thailand have received this past year from Mother Nature. However, a kick in the nuts hurts all the same.

Winter2.jpgI know, I know, we live in Montreal and are used to snow. Last night, there were the usual warnings of a storm passing through our region. However, we have now received over 40 centimetres in the past 24 hours. Montreal's record for snow fall currently stands around the 42 centimetre mark. We're still waiting on word if we have passed that record or not. But regardless of any records, it was still a rough day for drivers and pedestrians alike. By late morning, it seems that more flights were cancelled out of Montreal's Trudeau International Airport than were not.

So, Mid-December and we've already received a near record snow fall. This could be a very interesting winter.




Open / February 4, 2015 at 01:39 am
Thanks for your thoughts, Monica! I agree that Colin adptas most easily to what others are doing. He sometimes gets laughs explicitly at others' expense, though, which surprises me. Brad's actually really good at playing along too. You can see him watching closely to see how he can join in the fun of what others are doing.

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