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Montreal (MP) Declares War On Xmas!

Posted by Dave / December 20, 2005

Xmas.jpgOkay, so "war" may be a bit harsh. However, a picture of a clearly insane person did get your attention.

Okay, The Big X is now just a few days away. So, as a big favour to friends and family of the MP staffers, here is a short wish list of some Midnight Poutine contributors. If you haven't bought them anything yet, you can thank me later. Each contributor below has supplied two wishes, one that is within the means of their friends and family and the other is a true WISH.

So here they are, in no particular order.

The Big M

I would like "The Collins Kids - At The Town Hall Party" DVD - The Collins
Kids live perfromaces on the Town Hall Party TV Show in 1958. This
release includes their appearances on 6 different episodes during that


NumarkCDN88 fer fuckin' around in my apartment.

John Mac

Realistic thing: one of these bike helmet covers, preferably the brain or nail head.

Unrealistic thing (which I've linked to before): odorless electronic indoor composter.


fancy long johns.

AND combo face/neck scarf, like this.

This winter i will be one of THOSE people. You know, warm ones.

Nick R.

When I saw you on the street I was freezing my ass off and yet you seemed really warm. I want your coat. (For those who wish to know, this is my coat. Only warm when bundled with a jean jacket and a sweater).

Chip LeBec

Snowshoes for trudging up Mont Royal, and a year's supply of movie theatre popcorn 'topping'. I should be able to make the popcorn myself.

So that's it for this year. Stay tuned for Midnight Poutine New Year's Resolutions.

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