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Pussy Galore!

Posted by Cat / December 6, 2005

"Second call for Ragdoll #41 in ring four! Second call, Ragdoll #41!" The suspense was palpable. Where was Ragdoll #41?! Was he blissed out on a catnip high behind the judging podium? Was he off slumming it with some non-pedigreed housecat? Finally, #41 showed his fluffy self to ring four and the audience breathed a collective sigh of relief.

It was all purrs and heavy petting at Place Bonaventure this weekend during the Club Felin de Montréal's annual "Le Noel des Chats". Over 250 cats and kittens, along with their owners and breeders, pranced their way around the exposition hall, each pussy sweeter, softer, and more coquettish than the last.

In a system that seemed to require a supercomputer and a slide rule to figure out the judging and classification divisions, the fur was flying as these kitties converged in Montréal to claw their way to the top. Saturday afternoon's competition in the “Best of the Best” championship (non-neutered) division saw General Sherman, a British shorthair, take third place. Second place went to an exotic shorthair whose name I didn't catch, and first place went to a beautiful blue point Himalayan by the name of Monte Christo. Monte's owner, Nicole Menweg, explained the colour distinctions: "Grey is for mice, blue is for cats". Proud Mme. Menweg allowed photos (see above) and petting of her prized pussy. Monte Christo, it turns out, is from a long line of champion cats – both his father and grandfather have taken top honours in the past.

Neutered and spayed animals compete separately from the non-neutered cats, much as they would in the downtown bar scene. Another divisive topic in the community is the issue of declawing. But frankly, I would be more concerned with the issue of doping, judging by the number of "happy sacks" strewn around the arena. Some of these languid kitties walk a fine line between docile and comatose.

All the better to judge them by, however. Judge Guy Pantigny, in a brilliant imitation of Christopher Guest's “Corky St.Clair”, sashayed from cage to cage, fetching kitties, plopping them on the podium, stroking their tails, and peering over his glasses into their little flattened faces.

There was an inordinately high number of dudes in motorcycle jackets showing cats. And a local Scout troop was employed to sanitize the cages in the judging rings. What badge does this work net you? Hairball management? Not quite the manly challenge that skinning a mink with your teeth might be, say. They looked bored out of their skulls.

These pussies have more promotions thrown at them than a whore at a latex convention. Cat furniture, cat toys, cat fashions, cat grass, cat mugs, chess sets, lampshades, dinette sets…the list goes on. There were plenty of samples of kitty treats as well. I tried some. A bit salty for my liking, and I worried about my cholesterol levels, but the promise of a shinier, healthier coat was tempting. If I keep to this new regime, perhaps I'll enter myself into next year's Noel des Chats!



rrrobyn / December 6, 2005 at 08:14 pm
CATSHOW! I love it when things that perhaps shouldn't even exist actually exist and people write about them and I am amazed.
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Andrea / February 4, 2015 at 08:27 am
Please pick me! I came by to enter this the other day and I don't see my entry so I must have been distracted bforee I finished. Please accept my apologies if I did enter this earlier. :)
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