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WEEKEND-O-RAMA - Lady Sovereign

Posted by MP / December 1, 2005

Music_Lady_Sovereign.jpgThe Queen of the grimey, grime, grime core sound, second only to Shystie, is in town. Better gobble it up folks because she won't be underground in North America much longer. Her shit has of course already blown up and gone home in the UK. The 19-year-old MC straight out of a council estate is being courted by Jay-Z incorporated and just got signed to Def Jam. Lady Sovereign, real name Louise Harman (born 1987 in Wembley, London) has gained the respect of her peers--despite being all of five-foot-one, and white and female.
But it wasn't always so, in the beginning she was booed on stage and had bananas thrown her way. But she perservered and built a following on the Internet spitting over 30- and 60-second instrumentals, sending them to friends with websites, who in turn would post them on the internet.
I know I will be at la Tulipe Friday December 2nd to show her some love.

Also on Friday, local pop outfit SAMEDI MATIN with THE WORLD PROVIDER, Casa del popolo - 4873 St. Laurent 22h 6$.
Malcolm Bauld of the Frenetics is getting his solo on at Foufounes Electriques, part of their vendredi fucké series. If you can get past all the gnarly squeegee punks it could be good times. That's friday night at 21h/$5. And the Dandy Warhols are at the Spectrum with the Out Crowd, 8PM, $22.
SATURDAY les Prototypes are at Zoobizarre with Cherry Cola, 23h, $6. And Kill the Lights at the Green Room with DJ Matt Silver and Madamoiselle Bacon.
I should add more to this, but it's past my bed time. I'll just close off with a big-ole rant.

I am bored to death by these bands who keep whining, "oh the media, ooooh the nasty journalist just labelled me and my band -- New Wave." Listen up you new wave wankers: if you dress new wave and your music emulates the new wave--you are, by definition, a new wave band. So own it. Wallow in it. But don't accuse us of not having any imagination.



Kate / December 2, 2005 at 12:45 pm
very very excited for this!
Danielle Walker / June 9, 2006 at 09:32 pm
Does Anyone know what type of shoes Lady Sovereign wares please let me know
I found some with a E on them But my mom said no we are not rich and money don't grow on trees. they were only 60.00

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