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T'es rond comme un spare: Cursing in Québécois

Posted by John / January 9, 2006

An extremely handy website I happened to stumble upon: Insult Monger's Swearsaurus has a page devoted to swearing in Québécois , and it's a very comprehensive, detailed list.

A few samples below. Can anyone confirm the overall accuracy? It seems pretty dead-on to me, and is pretty good in a reverse-compatible sense, too, though few anglos ever say "Holy cup of the sacred saint!" Actually, perhaps I'll start saying that now.

Vas te faire foutreGo fuck yourself
P'tite vieLife sucks
J'me suis fendu le cul en quatre pour toé!I tried fucking hard for you (lit: I split my own ass into four parts just for you)
T'es rien qu'un ostie de gros cochon sale qui s'roule dans sa propre marde à la journée longue pis qu'y aime ça en plus!You are nothing but a fat dirty pig that rolls in its own shit all day long and, furthermore, you enjoy that!


Mike / January 9, 2006 at 10:25 pm
i wonder if there is french translation for "jag-off"?
J Mac / January 9, 2006 at 11:24 pm
Probably. Hey, it just occurred to me: shouldn't it be "foudre," not "foutre"?

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