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The hypothetical weekend plans of Axl Rose

Posted by MP / January 20, 2006

axl.jpgThe world's greatest rock musician and one of its most brilliant citizens emerged last weekend from the protective cocoon in which he has been completing what will surely be the greatest album of all time. We will forgive Axl Rose for making his first public appearance in months at a Korn tour announcement party, and we will also forgive him for wearing a Leafs jersey, because we must permit artistic geniuses their eccentricity. And also because he vows Chinese Democracy will see the light of day sometime soon, and the current incarnation of Guns 'n' Roses will hit the road in 2006. Maybe.

Were Axl in Montreal this weekend, he would surely devote his time to research for whatever unfinished aspects of the album remain, or perhaps hole up in a studio to record/mix/master some perfect element of some soon-to-be-perfect song. But if the record was done, here's what he would do:

Tonight (Friday):

God, you know what? Axl would probably hit the Iron Maiden tribute at Hemisphere Gauche. You picked a bad Friday to hypothetically come to Montreal, Mr. Rose.


At Petit Campus, Nitrosonique (with new louder and even more rocking material, soon to be available on EP), « La descente du coude » and « Le Volume était au maximum ». Cover charge is 6$ and it is 3$ beer night on top of that! Fuckin' A.

Sometime MP contributor the World Provider hosts a karaoke extravaganza at Zoobizarre. Would Axl do one of his own songs? Nah, he'd probably choose something by Queen.


Accordion dude Geoff Berner plays Casa del Popolo with the Barmitzvah Brothers, a bunch of Toronto- and Guelph-area eccentric pop orchestra types, some of whom are old enough to vote.



Rowan Rafferty / June 22, 2007 at 04:30 am
The largest-ever Glastonbury music festival is due to get under way fully with rain predicted to fall...
AnferTuto / July 26, 2007 at 09:27 pm
Hola faretaste

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