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What Heath Ledger would do this wknd

Posted by MP / January 12, 2006

heath.jpgHeath Ledger has never looked more milk-fed and ordinary than he does in Brokeback Mountain, but he's also never looked more hot. The dude has probably mumbled his way to an Oscar with that role; good for him, though his best work was, of course, in Ten Things I Hate About You.

If Heath was in Montreal this weekend, he'd probably have that unreliable Michelle Williams in tow (watch out, man -- the entire world watched her wig out on the lovable, all-American Dawson before opting for that nubile boy who went on to become Bertolucci's muse). Williams is allegedly preggers, so maybe she'd stay at the hotel and let Heath have some fun. Anyhoo, here's what he would do:

Thursday (tonight):
Local faves the Besnard Lakes (who really need to redesign their website) unveil some new material (we're guessing) in their catalogue of guitar-heavy, prog-inspired, sonically-adventurous, hyphenated-compound-adjective-inspiring rock at Petit Campus. As usual, if you plan on spending your golden years saying more than "Eh?" and "What?" you should bring ear protection. Their amps are bigger than refrigerators.

Up at Sala Rossa, Akron/Family will have beards and play noise-folk-country-acoustic stuff that a lot of people have been raving about. Locals Timber open up.


A Montreal lineup of Heroes and Villains, Code Pie and Viscious and Delicious play the Main Hall.


LABproject Session 25 - O Patro Vys, 356 Mont-Royal Est. This month features all the members of People For Audio, a montreal audio/visual group, with the members of Moondata, backed up by long-time drumming partner Stefan Schneider (Bell Orchestre) for an exciting meeting of sights and sounds. We totally just cut and pasted that.

Broken Social Scene guy Jason Collett (seriously, are they just adding random strangers to their band, then producing their solo albums, just to see if they can do it?), with guest Paso Mino, play the Main Hall, 5390 St-Laurent.

No Dynamics, another group on Toronto's Blocks collective, play Zoobizarre.


Malcolm Bauld, formerly of the Frenetics, and still of the really good, plays L'Escogriffe.

There's also some kind of fundraiser for "the NDP Party," which is apparently a "political group" fielding "candidates" in an "election." We're not really sure what this is about. Sounds suspicious, frankly. It's at Sala Rossa, and several Mtl. bands of note will be playing.



thebigm / January 13, 2006 at 02:45 pm
i have to disagee with your assesment of what heath ledger would be doing this weekend. clearly he would be with me reinacting scenes from "Brokeback Mountain".
j mac / January 13, 2006 at 02:50 pm
Well, obviously. Aside from that, then.
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