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Highway 25 opposition speeds up

Posted by John / February 8, 2006

autoroute25.jpgLocal environmental action group Equiterre is leading the charge against Quebec's planned expansion of Highway 25. The project would insert a new freeway onto Montreal Island and channel thens of thousands more cars from Laval and the north shore into the city, adding pollution, sprawl, etc.

Equiterre, which published a report and letter last year explaining why the highway is a stupid idea in detailed terms, has assembled the Coalition Against Highway 25, the Gazette notes. The coalition includes "unions, environmental advocates, public transit advocates and school boards." The city of Montreal is also opposed to the project.

Members of the Coalition Against Highway 25 attended 10 borough council meetings yesterday and Monday.

The coalition demanded Montreal politicians pledge to put up a legal fight by arguing that the project contravenes the city's urban plan.

Quebec's Environment Department will eventually have to authorize the project, and will need legal assurances from the city of Montreal that the project does not contravene its bylaws or its urban plan.

Ribaux said it's not too late to stop the project.

He noted that other major undertakings, like Hydro-Quebec's Great Whale River and Suroit power projects, were much further advanced than this one when public outcry forced the government to stop them.

"Many environmentalists in Montreal have said they will lie down in front of the bulldozers," Ribaux said. "I would.

There's a petition against the project here.

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Dan / February 10, 2006 at 02:13 pm
This is a big project muhfuckers, get with it. If they build this they not only fuck up eastern Laval but they force the Notre-Dame street project to take way more traffic, not to mention bringing new traffic to the 40 just a few years before we have to rebuild the thing.

These legal/procedural hurdles mentioned in the article aren't going to do a damn thing. Charest wants this and wants it bad, because he thinks there are votes among the commuters of eastern Laval and the North Shore *and* the industrial regions of eastern Quebec that want better truck access to the US. If he pulls this off with his goddam PPP setup, forget about any kind of transparency in big projects. In fact forget about the Montreal urban plan altogether, because Quebec City will have proven its ability to tear up whatever frameworks that might keep them from doing what they want, when they want, and how they want.

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