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Kanye West's hypothetical Montreal weekend

Posted by MP / February 10, 2006

kanye.jpgKanye West isn't doing anything this weekend. The dude is miserable, having lost a Grammy to U2, a band that last had a good album in 1992 -- and even that's arguable. West is in seclusion, contemplating his future, because he values the recognition afforded him at sham awards shows designed to increase the profits of major entertainment corporations above all else. But seriously, U2? Who are the Grammy Awards trying to fool? I mean, there was always the attempted illusion of them meaning something, but, U2? They couldn't more overtly admit the whole thing is fixed if they stated it in lights above the stage.

Uh, anyway, Kanye West would do some of these things:

Thursday (you missed these, sorry):

P.O.S. au Zoobizarre. Rap pesant bien fait, intelligent.

Devin the Dude, a Texas-based rapper all the cool kids have been told to like.


Festivale voix d'amerique, a spoken word extravaganza. You must see Tomson Highway. Gay cree. The man is hilarious and goofy and very smart. At Sala Rossa, 8:30 p. And Saturday at Queer night, Sala Rossa, 8:30 p.m. and Sunday at Espace Go at 1 p.m. Not to be missed.

Decade Danse presents a Valentine's Day thingy with all-gal popsters Pony Up!, Spiral Beach and Telefauna at Main Hall.

The Moondata people also offer Valentine's Day fun with the wonderfully cheezy concept show involving various Montreal musical couples, including Jase and Olga from the Besnard Lakes.


Diary of a lost circus au Petit Café Campus. Soirée burlesque avec numéros bizarro exotica : danseuses, musique et drag piper ?


Edie Sedgwick, Bahai Cassette and Germans play at Zoobizarre.

Minouchka, lancement du site web de la Puce à l'agonie, à la Pharmacie Esperanza, de 5 hres à minuit. Miss Agonie se lance dans le cyber monde pour nous montrer ses objets mignons avec artistes invités, projections et musique.

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