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Montrealers at the Olympics

Posted by John / February 20, 2006

The newly redesigned Montreal Metroblogging site is keeping track of local athletes at the Torino Games. This blog covers a lot of stuff that goes on around the city, though their posts are frequently nothing more than a single sentence and a link, which is kind of a drag.

Their Olympics material is of the day-by-day, who-did-what variety. Frequently, the answer to who-did-what? is: not much. Montreal athletes are, it would seem, fat and lazy. Never have I been more proud.

More thorough coverage of the hockey side of Torino can be found at Habs Blog, where there is much agonizing over the lacklustre performance of Team Canada (the men, that is). I have to confess that Canada's woes have been oddly satisfying. There's something about their attitude of entitlement, and the overpaid boy's club vibe they present, that makes it hard for me to root for them.

Habs Blog is occasionally cliche-ridden, and the blogger seems to put random words and phrases in bold for reasons I can't discern, but it still beats reading the terrible hockey writing of, say, Red Fisher.

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