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MP writers "In the news"

Posted by John / February 13, 2006

MP editor Hannah Hoag has a front-page feature in today's Gazette's business section about a Montreal company whose software is being used by the Canadian Olympic team to track data on athletes' injuries.

"They are connecting to and transferring information about the injuries. It is available to the physicians no matter where they are at the Olympic sites," said Bob Potter, director of product development at Presagia.

When athletes move around the world from competition to competition, they are not always monitored by the same physician. Because the system is online, it can be accessed anywhere there is an Internet link. The results of tests done in Italy can be seen by physicians back at home.

Story here.

Also, notice MP contributor Mog Hewings' cover story in this week's Hour (co-written with Melora Koepke). It considers the possibility that we're entering a new era of prudishness due to an abandonment of sex-ed classes in high school and the arrival of the Harper government, among other things.

Should we be especially worried that discourse about sexuality in our culture is dying not with a bang, but a whimper? Last September, reforms were quietly introduced to make sex education no longer mandatory in Quebec schools. Instead, it will be the responsibility of every teacher to integrate it somehow someway as part of the general curriculum, in math, history or even French class. In the meantime, those same students can download their sex ed lessons from Dr. 50 Cent as a cellphone ring tone ("I'm tryin' to explain baby the best way I can/ I melt in your mouth girl, not in your hands").

Story here.

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