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Neither Here Nor There - Podcast 1.1

Posted by John / February 1, 2006

nhnt1.jpgWe're still waiting for the XML and RSS stuff to be done so you can put these directly into iTunes, but for now, here's the inaugural NHNT podcast with John MacFarlane and Mark Raheja.

On this first episode, guest expert Meg Hewings joins us to discuss and analyze the most pressing events and developments in the world of sports. We talk about Olympic flag bearers, guys who run onto the field during NFL games, rubik's cubes, and Avril Lavigne, among other things.

Regular (mp3) version here.

Enhanced (m4a) version here.



rrrobyn / February 1, 2006 at 11:03 pm
Neat! You guys are cute.

Nothing can ever convince my that the Rubik's cube qualifies as a sport. People are having problems with semantics, obv, confusing sport with competition. What, are we British? Do we participate in sport, do maths? No, we are not British. And no one sweats putting a puzzle together.
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