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Self-Promotion in The Blogosphere: Yay or Nay?

Posted by Matt / February 17, 2006

kidnapper.jpgKidnapper Films' Matt Silver Says "Nay!!!"

The question that has crossed many a journalism scholar's lips these days is “blogs, what are they good for?” The more tech savvy brains are pointing to the fledgling blogosphere as a leveling out of the infotainment hierarchy, while the aging schoolmarms of the journalism world cluck their tongues and say something like “hogswallow”, or “flim flam” when the word blog is mentioned.

As for me, well, I tend to see the blogosphere as something like a sandwich board, being worn by a vagrant outside of a used car dealership: It is an interesting and amusing way to advertise, but what’s beneath it may be more than a little unsavory.

Take for instance the Kidnapper Films show being held at Cinema Du Parc this Friday and Saturday night at 11 p.m. ($10 regular, $7 student). Now since you are reading this on a blog site, your inclination would be to think of this piece as shameless self-promotion – a clever and ironic way to get some proverbial asses in the proverbial seats. Well nothing could be farther from the truth.

I say, if the blogosphere is going to gain any credibility in this age of phony memoirs, hazy accounting books, and back room governments, it is going to have to do away with articles about such things as The Kidnapper Films Show being held at Cinema Du Parc this Friday and Saturday night at 11pm ($10 regular, $7 students).

Who really cares when The Kidnapper Films Show at Cinema Du Parc is (Friday and Saturday at 11 [$10 regular, $7 students]). What we need is hard news, completely disassociated from the blogger’s personal and political endeavors, even if such endeavors are hilarious mutli-media comedy cavalcades. Where are the Ed Murrow’s and Ted Koppels of the world wide web? Instead we’ve got Barnums and Baileys.

So I say, once you’ve finished reading this, and have attended the Kidnapper Films Show at Cinema Du Parc this Friday and Saturday at 11 p.m. (ibid), I say turn a blind eye to the shameless self-promoters who call our precious blogosphere home.

But that’s just my opinion.

Matt Silver
Kidnapper Films

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