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Stuff to do this weekend

Posted by MP / March 10, 2006

Spring cleaning doesn't mean an end to fun. Once you've finished peeling the plastic window insulation from your windowframes and sweeping up those tiny stones used to de-enslippery-ify the once-icy sidewalks, you should go outside. It's 7 C today (Friday), and if you pretend that it isn't part of a trend that will eventually see the gulfstream shut down and rising ocean waters drown most coastal populations, it's pretty damn nice.

There are no less than a dozen shows this (Friday) evening, most of them involving local acts. If you're a snob who hates local stuff, maybe you'll go see Nada Surf with Rogue Wave at Cabaret, a venue I thought no longer hosted concerts. It should be a good show, so maybe ignore my snob comment. Otherwise, you've got Code Pie and two others at O Patro Vys, Halfbaked at Foufounes, a CD launch for N=1 at Sala Rossa (we didn't get a review copy, so they're lucky to even be mentioned here), and Captains and Boo Hoo at the Green Room.

Saturday morning, it has been recommended that you watch English football. Chelsea vs. Tottenham airs at 7:30 am. Our advice is to enjoy the match with an English breakfast and a pint. Although we always thought a pint was included in an English breakfast. Saturday evening, The Lovely Feathers and Dorian Hatchet play at Sala, and, whaaaat?!, the Sisters of Mercy play at Metropolis with the Warlocks. Where's my black hair dye? Sometime MP contributor Matt Silver is probably spinning music at the Green Room later on. Ask him if he's got any NoMeansNo.

Sunday's looking pretty boring right now. Go see a movie. I hear Crash is supposed to be awesome.

On Monday, Athletic Automaton, who all the noise kids really dig, play Zoobizarre. Cinema Politica screens Haunted Land at 7:30 PM, Room H-110, 1455 de Maisonnueve, Concordia University. Director Mary Ellen Davis and activist Mateo Pablo will both be at the screening. (Summary: Two paths cross on a descent into Guatemala's past: that of Mateo Pablo, a Maya survivor of one of many massacres committed by local government troops, and Daniel Hernández-Salazar, a concerned Guatemalan artist and photographer. Together they travel to a remote site in the highlands where the community of Petanac once stood. The bones found there by archaeologists tell a mute story of agony.)

The real(er) story of the Concordia Netanyahu events, Discordia will be shown on Tuesday at 7:00 pm in room H-110. This NFB film was written and directed by Concordia graduates Ben Addelman and Samir Mallal, who will be on hand for a post-screening discussion about their work and life after graduation.

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