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Your Montreal weekend

Posted by MP / March 30, 2006

Is it the weekend again? We apologize for our absence previously. We were tired. Also, nothing was happening. Except some shows that we were too tired to see. Enough.

Tonight (Thursday), go see Sub Pop artist Kelley Stoltz at Club Lambi, who we like not just because we're giving away tickets to his show. We also like him because his last name is annoyingly difficult to spell or even type. Haligonian Al Tuck plays Sala Rossa, and he deserves attention not only because his band (which may not be accompanying him) is called Al Tuck and No Action, which is clever. If you like punk rock and sweaty teens, Death by Stereo plays the Spectrum with Bigwig and Big D & the Kids Table, bands I once liked, I readily admit.

On Friday, various factors hinder us from talking about any show other than Lederhosen Lucil's Night Aquatic at Club Lambi. It should be pretty weird, featuring MP contributor Roxanne's act (along with her brother) Famulous, a rare live appearance by Ontario outfit Friendly Rich and the Lollipop People, Dandi Wind, and Krista's (aka Lucil's) new band, Lucille, which features no wigs, but possibly costumes, and all-new songs.

Saturday sees Sunburned Hand Of The Man, described elsewhere as "freaktastic avant-groovesters," play at Sala Rossa. That can't possibly be it, but we got nothing else for you. Go see Tristram Shandy, maybe.

Art Brut, who are uniquely tongue-in-cheek about their indie rock offerings (we jest, at least about the uniquely part), play Sala Rossa with local all-gal quartet Pony Up! opening on Sunday.

Bad but gory film director Rob Zombie plays Metropolis on Monday. In a similar vein, new Supreme Court Justice Rosalie Silberman Abella speaks at the Mount Royal Center auditorium (2200 Mansfield) at 5:30 pm. Tickets are complimentary, but must be reserved in advance. Please contact Kerry Cregan at 398-6441, or

A day after Zombie plays Metropolis, she takes off her makeup and sings as alter-ego Neko Case at Club Soda on Tuesday. This isn't actually true, but imagine if it was! We're also giving away tickets to this show.

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