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Psst. Wanna red paper clip?

Posted by Hannah / April 17, 2006

red paper clip.gif Montrealer Kyle MacDonald wants a house. He's not too particular about its location, which is good because all he had to offer for it was a solitary red paper clip. But that was back in July 2005. Over the last 9 months, he's bartered that paper clip into a full year's rent on a rather large house (with fireplace) in Phoenix, AZ.
Relying on his web site and a Craigslist ad, Kyle has transformed the paper clip (red) into a camping stove, a generator and a "party in a box", among other things, trading up as he went along. One of the more creative trades in the whole process was the exchange of a cube van for a recording contract at Metalworks Studios in Toronto, won by singer Jody Gnant.
What would you trade for the house rental in Phoenix? Visit Kyle's web site to see what he's been offered so far. Send in your own offer, or let Kyle know which one you think he should take by emailing him at oneredpaperclip AT gmail DOT com.



mark / April 17, 2006 at 04:31 pm
do i detect some fireplace envy in that post? ;-)
Dude... good post! I might actually even listen to what you are saying. Overall your whole blog is great... I am digging it. Peace!

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