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On Company Time #9: Poutine vs. Fries

Posted by Hannah / May 12, 2006

bio_poutine.jpg It's Friday. It's dreary. You need something to keep you from curling up beneath your desk and sleeping. In an attempt to keep otherwise distracted and disheartened cubicle workers in front of their screens, the mad scientists at Google Labs have unleashed another web tool. Google Trends allows you to see who else values your favourite things, and provides links to a few news articles that appeared during peaks in popularity. It also allows you to compare trends. Poutine, for example, doesn't really get mentioned in the news that much and it is most popular in Quebec (#1) and then Montreal (a close #2). On the other hand, when you compare the popularity of gravy-soaked potato wedges topped with salty cheesy goodness, to the rather spartan plate of fries (aka chips), we see that in Quebec and Montreal, poutine is by far a favourite. (We also see that a judge has allowed batter-covered fries to be labelled a vegetable.) Everywhere else in Canada, fries win out. And if you're looking for an international poutine-twin city, try Nice or Paris. Poutine is also more popular there than fries--but perhaps this is misleading and it's only a Google language barrier.



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