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Quit your jibber-jabber and just listen to Mr. T

Posted by Asmaa / May 4, 2006

cereal.jpgUp until now, I've always thought the T in the former A-Team star's moniker stood for his last name, Tero. So, you can just imagine my shock at his announcement yesterday that it actually stands for "talking." Mr. T, who is not particularly known for his long sentences, is muscling in on Dr. Phil's turf with a new TVLand talk show called, of course, "I Pity the Fool."

According to the press release, T is going to travel the country dispensing inspiration and advice. Advice on what? On how to tell the difference between gold and gold-plated neck ropes? On how to become the punchline to every bad 80s joke? (Though one of the greatest Onion headlines of all time is 'Mr. T announces Pity List '84.')

Then again, T's got to have more to offer than that meathead Dr. Phil, who is not even a real psychologist. (I believe he has a PhD in animal husbandry.) With his demeaning brand of homespun psychobabble, Dr. Phil is probably doing a lot more harm psychically than Mr. T ever could physically.

As for comparisons between the two, T assures viewers there is no contest. "My show ain't no Dr Phil, with people sitting around crying," he said. "You're a fool - that's what's wrong with you. You're a fool if you don't take my advice."

And you, my friend, are a fool if you don't tune into TVLand this October.



Hannah / May 4, 2006 at 01:58 pm
Maybe the first guest on "Pity the Fool" should be Mr. T, himself. Although I'm glad he did it (for it's shear entertainment value), his video "Treat your Mother Right" ( was a bit of a foolish move for his career, no?
Mike / May 4, 2006 at 02:43 pm
that "treat your mother right" video made me laugh at first but then i started to feel guilty. do i treat my mother right? i'm going to call her tonight.
Asmaa / May 5, 2006 at 10:17 am
mr. t should never wear shorts.
J Mac / May 5, 2006 at 12:34 pm
Treat Your Mother Right is from a whole video of hilarious stuff Mr. T did. It's not even the worst (or, I suppose, best) of the many vignettes. MP writer Roxanne has this tape, and I have seen it, and it is wonderfully excruciating.

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