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Dallas: Where The CIA Killed Kennedy.

Posted by Dave / June 30, 2006

Dallas.jpgRight off the bat, I'll give Dallas one thing. It's Freakin' Hot! Not just hot, but thick hot. Hot that you have to push against when you walk. Quite frankly, Dallas should make a slogan out of it. "Dallas: You think you've been hot?"

After the first 5 days in Dallas, I thought the above paragraph would be the extent of my review. However, it was then, when work calmed down enough, that I was able to think clearly. Some how, I was there for 5 days before I remembered that Dallas is where the
CIA killed John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Then, upon googling the location, I saw that they killed him only 1.5 blocks from my hotel. "Wow, one thing to do in the city and it's that close!", I muttered to myself.

Dallas2.jpgDallas3.jpgSo on the last day, I did walk to the sight of the assassination. It was one of those spots that is very strange to see with one's own eyes. It may be 50 years later, but it looks very much the same. The only thing that would make it more real were if it were in black and white. Heck, there's even an X on the road where he was actually shot. It was unfortuante that I had very little time before my flight, as the Sixth Floor Museum as well as the near by Conspiracy Museum would have been very interesting to visit. However, as with many of my trips, I am stuck seeing the bare essentials.

In short, the rest of Dallas for me amounted to a TGI Friday's and a Western themed party complex. The TGI Friday's had, quite frankly, the worst service I have ever encountered. I have grown to expact bad service from these types of eateries. However, they have now discovered a new low. If you're ever in Dallas, no matter how hungry you get, please avoid the TGI Fridays at 1713 N Market St. The party complex, on the other hand, was just uncomfortable. Nothing is worse than very bad actors working a party. Well, thinking man has been on the moon is worse, but we can discuss that later.



Sara / July 1, 2006 at 09:55 am
nice work, hill. and awesome pics, as usual. hurry up and post some of those purty montreal ones on our flickr site so i can stop looking at tofu. it's just making me hungry.
mike / July 1, 2006 at 12:23 pm
everyone knows the mafia killed kennedy. and the fucker deserved it after offing marilyn monroe.
Dave / July 1, 2006 at 12:53 pm
The mafia generally don't have marksmen on their payrole. If the shooter was Mafia, he/she was CIA trained. The killer was a minimum of 50 feet from the car, which was moving. For the mafia to pull that off, they would usually require spraying the car with bullets.

And Marilyn isn't dead. You'll believe anything you read!

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