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Fringe Pop: Free shows in the great outdoors

Posted by John / June 6, 2006

The Fringe Festival starts in two days, and along with the zillion plays and performances scheduled during the 16th edition of the event, Fringe Pop, the (mostly) local music showcase curated by Pop Montreal is taking place once again. There were some issues with the traditional outdoor venue at Rachel and St. Laurent, but a compromise was reached that will see the outside shows end earlier and indoor shows pick up at the Academy Club a few blocks north. Everybody wins, music lovers, stubborn festival organizers and crusty condo owners alike!

I have no idea why the Fringe Pop schedule is in random order (it's still pretty easy to decipher), nor why there's nothing about it on the Pop Montreal site (updated: an easier-to-read schedule now found here), but rest assured that these bands have the official Seligman seal of approval, and include the Besnard Lakes, the Hot Springs , the Adam Brown, Think About Life and Patrick Watson, and, of course, Dollarama, which appears to be a semi-impromptu thing in which anyone with a dollar-store instrument can join.

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