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Hot wet Montreal weekend

Posted by MP / June 1, 2006

priestess1.jpgWelcome to the new weather reality, where it's either so hot and humid you'd like to die, so wet and miserable you'd like to die, or raining so hard you probably will die. Depending on what happens in the skies in the next few dozen hours, you'll either need a canoe or a really large sunhat for trips out into the city. Once equipped, here's where you should go:

All weekend, the electronic music extravaganza that is MUTEK is in effect, including free 5 à 7 shows Thursday and Friday at the SAT. The Suoni per il Popolo festival also kicks off today and runs until June 25.

Tonight (Thursday): Go see Priestess (web, myspace), the city's most hook-heavy heaviness-heavy rock band, and one destined to play venues much larger than Café Campus in the near future. You can read J Mac's profile of them in Wednesday's Gazette here. Fake Blood and Jesus & the Headliners open. This show starts at 8 and wraps at 11, so if you arrive on Montreal time you'll find a room full of UQAM undergrads dancing to Jean Leloup.

On Friday, Broken Social Scene protegés Most Serene Republic play Main Hall with Femme Generation, Hexes and Ohs and Kickers (who seem to play around twice a week on average).

Saturday will find Man Man freaking out the crowd at their Suoni gig at Sala Rossa with Creeping Nobodies and the Wharton Tiers Ensemble.

On Sunday, King Khan and his Shrines play le National in a show that numerous Pop Montreal types (who tend to know this kind of thing) are pants-shitting about. Bloodshot Bill and the Adam Brown open. Sunday also marks the first night of Jason Bajada's three-night album launch at O Patro Vys. If you miss him on Sunday, try the Monday or Tuesday shows.

On Tuesday, lots of people will try to milk the 6/6/6 date thing, which is already kind of over, if you ask me. I mean, not literally, but as a meme it's been done to death. That said, the CPC Gangbangs/Starving Hungry gig at Theatre Ste. Catherine is a pretty easy call.



rrrobyn / June 2, 2006 at 12:09 pm
Just wanted to big up the <a href="";>Suoni per il popolo</a> festival for this weekend re: what I'm going to b/c the fact that I'm going to be at Casa three nights in a row seems less embarassing if I'm there at least in part as a "music journalist."

Tonight: The Unireverse - local, whirling synths etc, neato visuals, coolness
Saturday: <a href="";>Jack Rose</a> - guitar harmonics, total awesome dude
Sunday: <a href="";>Mammatus</a> - heavy, loud, what i (you?) need

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