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It's Good To be Back In The MTL.

Posted by Dave / June 13, 2006

Flags.jpgThey say absence makes the heart grow fonder. I guess we all know it's true, but it's also nice to see that it's not limited to the love of a person. I've been in California for 18 days working (seriously, who laughed!) and it's been a long 18 days. When I left Montreal, it still hadn't really felt much like spring. Yet, when I stepped out of the taxi two days ago, there was this smell. The smell of Montreal in summer. Perhaps it helped that I was dropped off next door to a Shish Taouk place, but Montreal has that unmistakable summer smell.

Add to this, that it's World Cup time. The only coverage I really got in California was news stories asking why Americans don't care about the good old game of Footy. The anwer to me has always been: who cares? The less the Americans notice it the better. However, it was nice to see the support for The Cup when I arrived back in Montreal. A store has opened just below Bernard on Parc Ave. simply to sell flags'n Stuff for World Cup Fever. Long live the act of hanging out the back of a car waving a flag to celebrate your home team's winning of a game of Footy.

The only warning I have, Montreal, is watch out. I love you, but San Francisco does things for me you've always refused to. She's a tempting, if not slutty city, that San Francisco.



rrrobyn / June 14, 2006 at 11:55 pm
there are, like, three flag etc shops in that stretch of parc now! i LOVE the World Cup Phenomenon. SO. MUCH.
Sara / June 20, 2006 at 08:35 pm
say "footy" again! pleeease? okay, now say "thirty dirty donkeys."

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