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Los Angeles, Meh.

Posted by Dave / June 20, 2006

IMG_3897.jpgThe layer of smog was unlike anything I had ever seen. Even on television, there is no way to fully understand how disgusting it is without seeing it with your own eyes. This was how I felt about LA already, and I was still 5 minutes from touchdown.

To be honest, any city would have a hard time following up San Francisco, which was where I was arriving from. However, there was still an excitement within me about my short time in LA. It's one of those cities that I had always wanted to visit, even if only for cheesy reasons.

On our first day there, having just worked hard (hardly worked) in San Francisco, we decided to simply hang out by the hotel pool. The hotel pool that was about the size of a King Bed and was all one depth, 3.5 feet. But the sun, the heat and the need to relax made the pool just what I needed. The bar next to the pool may have helped as well. Come to think of it, I still feel a bit ill from that day.

Our hotel was unfortunately located in a very dull part of town, Downtown. We were set up at the Holiday Inn City Center right next to the Staples Center. So anything of interest was really a large taxi fare away. In the downtown area, the only place of interest we found was the Standard Hotel. The Standard offers an incredible roof-top bar with a Modern-design and tasty drinks. Unfortunately, the long day of work limited us to two drinks before being too tired to continue.

Hollywood was an obvious outing, but mainly for the trip to Amoeba. The Hollywood Amoeba is larger than its San Francisco counterpart, however it's also a little harder to get around. Not that anyone cares, but I was finally able to find a copy of the Bernard Butler "Friends & Lovers" 10" that they only produced 500 of. So I was pretty chuffed.

The rest of Hollywood was alright, but just like LA trying to follow up San Francisco, Hollywood had problems following up Amoeba. All in all, the LA that I got to see was a bit of a let down. I'm sure it would have been better if I had rented a car, but lack of time and a license killed that idea quickly.

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