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An Awesome Montreal Toilet: Part 1

Posted by Dave / August 25, 2006

Toilet.jpgI generally avoide using a Port-A-Lot when I've really gotta "go". However, I understand that when you're working construction, you generally have very little choice. However....come on! The above toilet is located on top of the building at the corner of Mont-Royal and Clark. We're currently in the office playing "Would You Rather" use that toilet or take a dump in your pants. So far, they're running neck and neck.

Which would you rather?




Sara / August 25, 2006 at 11:17 am
it's kind of a catch 22... if i stepped out on the ledge to actually use that toilet, i'd take a dump in my pants. so.
OJ / August 25, 2006 at 11:38 am
Jesus, that's awesome. What if it's a practical joke that the construction crew played on one of the dudes in the crew? You know, they wait till he's inside and then proceed to hoist the toilet to its present location.

Otherwise, I choose the toilet over pants. Way cleaner.
Hannah / August 25, 2006 at 11:54 am
Do you think we could sell tickets to young risk-taking tourists? Market it as the next bungee jump?
Personally, given the choice, I'd opt for the porto-let in the sky over soggy pants.
asmaa / August 25, 2006 at 11:58 am
what if it fell on some poor soul's head?
Hannah / August 25, 2006 at 12:45 pm
What if you had to work at the window just below...
Andrea / August 25, 2006 at 04:53 pm
I agree with OJ, it's got "Juste Pour Rire" written all over it.

Also, poop poop poop etc.
Dennis Ubaum / August 27, 2006 at 12:54 pm
I might choose to smash my pants if I were, say, in the doorway to my house. I'd choose the fear factor crapper if I was up on that roof and had, say, buckshot diarhea. It's all a question of proxity and location. Why, that's sorta what happened to me.

I was in Lyon, France for a couple days this summer (new frame of reference for this mongrel Quebec anyone?). I'm student poor, so I would just walk around all day and take it in foot-style. For meals, I would usually buy some bread, cheese and beer/wine, sit in a nice city locale and chomp. The night before this particular day, I got wasted on draft, so my guts were a little more liquid than usual. I left the hostel first thing in the morning to get some breakfast, not taking my morning crunch, but whatevs. I'm usually like clockwork, but this morn, everything was eerily quiet. I walked past many a porto-potty deeming b-fst more important for the time being. Those things are gross anywhere, and I figured I'd just buy a coffee and crap somewhere I couldn't hear my poo splash into other people's poo. It was some religious holiday, so everything except a couple Lebanese stores and some museum-y places were closed. I bought some bread, a tomato, and this version of coke they have there called 'coke noir', which is just a small can of coke with coffee in it. I found a nice spot in the lobby of this giant majestic opera house. Man, I was hungry! I dig in, happily and contentedly, revelling in romantic thoughts about this sweet moment in time. I take a sip of coke noir, yum. I feel a fart approach, so I lift my cheek and let 'er rip. You guessed it. Ground beef. Of course, I freeze as I feel a wave of anxiety pour over me; had anybody in this regal establishment heard my muddy fart echo around the room? are my pants all wet? do I smell? Fuckin' draft! Where the fuck were those porto-potties now? Nowhere. Why didn't I use the can at the opera house? There weren't any! The french don't care about pleasing anybody. I swear somebody from the city heard my fart and moved them all immediately. I tie my sweater around my waste and bolt. Now I'm frantically running around Lyon looking for one of those porto-potties I had so recently nosed-up as 'eww'. Oh the irony! I ended up going into a subway bathroom and doing damage control (but not before smacking my head really hard off a low door way. I was reeling, hungover with a lump on my head and a seat full of squish. And yes, girls... I'm single.) All in all, it could've been much worse. A little mud puts a lot of fucking perspective on any given day.

Would I rather crap my keks or use that cliffhanger loo? Can I do both?

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