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Balls of Steel: The Pinball Review - Playboy!

Posted by Scott / September 19, 2006

Nothing says sophisticated gentleman culture like an aging copy of the Playboy pinball game. Rest assured, if you cannot afford the lifestyle of fast cars, champagne flutes, and chesty girls that the Playboy promotes, at least you can play the related game at some weird VLT laden “bistro” north of the tracks.

More caviar, my love? you have any loonies?

My accomplice and I were surprised that a place like Bistro Beaubien would insist that we purchase food with our terrible beer. I know it’s an issue of licensing, but considering that we were the only patrons for hundreds of miles and that they had all the markings of a coke bar, we thought they’d be happy to see some legitimate business. Perhaps they were just intoxicated by the graphics for the game and they were taking on airs. Instead of ordering food and drink, my accomplice and I just made sure we were amply set up with loonies and went to work on Hugh’s box.

HPIM0363%20-%201.jpgThe good people at Stern have created some fine silverball action in the past, and Playboy has some great elements as well. There are curvy catwalks, the usual digital screen, and a weird calendar the flips over (sort of) as you score points. The game essentially features a straight playfield, with two flippers guarding the gutter, and a few ramps and catwalks for bonuses. There are 12 images of women on the playfield (corresponding to monthly pets, I guess), and I gather the objective is to highlight the area that corresponds with each of them, to increase the bonus opportunities. This is where all the jokes about getting your balls into Miss January’s hole and such would happen, so fill in your own jokes here.

Like many part digital-part manual pinball games, it is possible to rack up some serious points on Playboy. During one game, I had dismal results with balls one and two, but with my third I scored 6 million points, enjoyed three separate multiball sessions, and reached the free game knock. So for all the Grade 7-style double entendre that the game brings out, it’s hard to complain about ample multiball chances. Multiball makes the blandest game fun.

Pinball has become very difficult to find in Montreal. While I would have liked the Playboy game at Bistro Beaubien to have been louder (so all the “Oh, yes!” and “Do it again!” comments could be heard more clearly), I think silverball enthusiasts are facing a situation where you have to take whatever you are offered. Sure, we’d all like a comfortable neighbourhood bar with great microbrew and pristine edition of Twilight Zone, but for the time being we’re stuck with faux-bistros and the sensation that Hefner himself would only play the Playboy game begrudgingly.

Got a tip on where to find pinball around Montreal? Leave a comment, letting us know!



Evelyne / September 20, 2006 at 09:34 am
I love these posts. Montreal needs more pinball action in the back section!
scott / September 20, 2006 at 10:48 am
Evelyne you are SO right. In trying to track down games a lot of people say things like "oh yeah, should be easy to find pinball in montreal," cuz they seem to fit together like hand-in-glove. But MANS, its been nearly impossible to find games. Keep your eyes peeled and let me know if you find any (ANY!) and there'll be more posts like this. Thanks for the kind words, too.
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