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Be a Guitar Hero, save pets

Posted by John / January 31, 2007

guitar.jpgHas someone already identified the playing of home versions of Bemani games at parties as the latest trend? Last fall I heard a story about someone playing Dance Dance Revolution on a big screen in their apartment, an idea which I stole for my birthday shindig. Now it seems to come up all the time. Or, more often than never, anyway.

Do they make a home version of Drum Mania? Why don't I just Google it and tell you? OK, fine. Yes they do, but only in Japan, apparently.

Anyway, if you're unfamiliar with this video game genre, here's a way to find out about it that also supports a good cause. (Also, Guitar Hero makes you look way less stupid than Dance Dance Revolution.) Show off your licks and drop a few coins into the hat for the Monteregie SPCA.

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