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Headlines for Hump Day

Posted by Cat / January 3, 2007

The Food Section
Why oh why oh why must lifestyle editors run some cop-out story about diets and New Year's weight-loss resolutions in the first food section of the year? What an abyssmal way to kick off 2007, even if we aren't yet subjected to any "fresh stupidity" on the part of intolerable "healthists". I see nothing "fresh" about this.
And don't try to hide behind some paltry "review of grains" either. Nuts to that, I say!

What IS fresh is the renewed approach towards healthy eating, soon to be taken up by various Quebec hospitals. An innovative partnership between Equiterre and local hospitals will ensure fresh produce for patients, all the while supporting local agriculture. Equiterre already has in place a similar program for nurseries and day care centres, delivering fresh fruit and veg from local farms directly to the centres.

Too early in the year to hunker down over a steaming bowl of social conscience? How about a nice chicken curry, then? Or keep the New Year's hoopla, um, hoopla-ing(?) by pumping up the volume and dancing down the year of the dog with a little hair of the dog, delivered by the kindly green fairy.

Dept. of Crumbling Infrastructures:
Another year come and gone, and with it went our roads, our municipal structure, our faith in Dudley Do-right, and our Olympic prowess. Time for a therapeutic collective meltdown?

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