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Friday Flash for March 30th, 2007

Posted by MP / March 30, 2007

Mind the gap. The city is gearing up to fill this year's potholes with a newfangled paving liquid. It's going to cost us $165 million to write our initials in the pavement this year.

Of course you'll have to dodge traffic while crudely scratching TREMBLAY WUZ HERE 07 into the street with a stick, but I recommend doing it while you still can. The man's approval rating is at 40%, due mostly to his botched handling of key issues such as taxes, transit, and garbage. Taxes, transit and garbage! Oh my!

Need a real laugh after that? Well, it's the 25th anniversary of the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival this summer, and to celebrate the event, the festival will be happening in Toronto too. Really? Really. That's like copying off the smart kid that sits beside you in math class.

And as if we don't have enough problems affording the oil that heats our houses, it turns out some unlucky home owners on the south shore were getting stiffed 10% of the oil that they paid for. A total of $700,000 worth of heating oil is believed to have been skimmed and sold on the black market.

Is there anything you can't buy on the black market?

Well, thanks to the RCMP, $2.5 million dollars worth of fake fashion accessories won't be making it to the black market this spring. Imitation brand names such as Gucci and Rolex were seized yesterday – and I suspect put on and paraded around by the RCMP officers in an impromptu, mock fashion show. Oh how they giggled.

Photo by impactmatt

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