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My Irish Parts Are Smiling, St. Patrick's Day To Do

Posted by Robyn / March 17, 2007

Though I'm pretty much a 4th-generation Canadian, much of my genetic make-up comes from a small island off the coast of another small island. I have been to the latter, but haven't yet been to the mythical green pastures of the former. When I do make it there, I expect nothing less than rolling hills, warm embraces, rollicking tunes, and a beer in my hand, often. For the time being, I will settle for what Montreal can provide in that regard.

Montreal, thank you for taking my heritage into account and being such a great provider. My own plans tonight include all these things, I mean, as long as you consider the view of the Mountain to cover the "rolling hills" part. So, the St. Patrick's Day in Montreal To Do List 2007:

- Find some Rolling Hills: The Mountain is still there for us, and now it is covered in snow again! Grab some green food colouring (I saw some in Mile End Fruiterie today, suspiciously on its own and obvious next to the dairy case, by the way) and trail it behind you as you go sledding. Green hills! It'll be practically like being in Ireland! Dress your friends' children up like leprechauns and ta-da! I don't even need to tell you to drink beer before, during and after all this, right? You can put some of that green food colouring in there too, if you're like that.

- Find some Warm Embraces: Well, smile and be friendly? Go out somewhere with some friends/"more-than-friends" who like to hug you? Get drunk and be a letch? It is all up to you. I bet The St. Patrick's Day Parade tomorrow (yes, Sunday, starting at Noon at Fort & Ste-Catherine St.) could bring some love too.

- Find some Rollicking Tunes: Okay, here I can help you out more. Saturday Night Music!:
-- The Oops Johnny Burlesque Show @ Cafe Cleopatra (1230 St. Laurent)
-- Selected Sounds feat. dj O-Positive, dj Plan A, Miracle Baby, Hamish, and Triceratreetops (shameless plug, but hey, i like sharing) @ Casa del Popolo
-- Yiddenes - Montreal's klezmer/folk girl group! @ the Yellow Door
-- Switch aka Solid Groove w/ Jordan Dare, Sean Kosa & DJ Bind - yes, DANCE MUSIC! @ Saints (30 St-Catherine St. W.)
-- Brutal Knights, The Confusers, Statues, Vicious Cycle @ Katacombs (1222 St. Laurent)
-- Yesterday's Ring, Farler's Fury, Whiskey Trench @ Foufounes Electriques (87 Ste-Cat. east)
-- Megazoid @ Zoobizarre
-- other things I do not know about but which you could post in the comments section! Unless they are your house parties. Though house parties are great, especially if they have themes, like St. Patrick's Day themes.

- Find some Beer: Dudes, you are in Montreal - this is totally the easiest one. Don't fall for all the green beer stuff, as fun as that could be (UH.), just go for the beer you like, or even just the booze you like, if you don't like beer (O_o). Pick it up at a dep, go for the Kilkenny at the SAQ (or at some deps and grocery stores too!), or settle your soul into a sturdy wooden chair in a proper brewhouse, you know, where The Magic Happens, like Reservoir, Dieu du Ciel, Brutopia, L'amère à boire, and Le Cheval Blanc, among others. (this site is pretty extensive re: Montreal and beer.) Ask in a silly and bad Irish accent and ye shall find, on today of all days.

There, that is the To Do List. You can do it. It is not difficult, not difficult at all. It does mean leaving the house during winter's last-ditch though. And if I can do it, you can totally do it too.

p.s. Wear green, even too-cool-for-irish-school olive green. oh man, wear camouflage!

Photo from The Rappaz Horror Picture Show

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