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It's a Sign! Logocities - April 4-5, 2007

Posted by Robyn / May 4, 2007

Whoo! Academic Conferences! Get your learn on! But this is more, this is a Symposium. I am into this. I am into Logocities, a research/creation project addressing signage, branding and lettering in public space, with a particular focus on the city of Montréal. Check out the full program.

It is art + culture + academia + multi-media entertainment + intellectualizing the shit outta things. + probably some free booze and food too. Let me stress though that intellectual does not mean boring - thinking is fun! I was doing it the other day and whoo head rush. This is about Making Connections between things that need to be connected so that we can better understand this crazy world.

Conference/Project organizer Matt Soar, of Concordia's Communications Department, explains it all better than I can and uses the exciting new technology of "video"/moving pictures.

Also exciting, and how such a thing got to be "exciting" is interesting in itself, is the Quebec premier of Helvetica on Saturday, May 5 at 7:30pm. Our
Toronto blog friendz
already caught that wave with their fancy film fest programming, but this'll be a party, I mean, never underestimate the excitement of Montrealers + free (I mean, BY DONATION) films. Probably best to get there a bit early, if only to soak up the vitamin-rich nerdly buzz that will fill H-110 of Concordia's Hall Building.

Image from Grant Collins' City Stars



Jer / May 6, 2007 at 10:24 am
Hey. So how was the conference? Was the thinking fun? Or did it just hurt your brain, like it does whenever I try to think?
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