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SLCW, May 3

Posted by Laura / May 3, 2007

Staring into the face of a bulldozer, Saint Laurent at Marianne, 2007

The government war against graffiti is being lost in Montreal, recently deemed a city more tagged than New York, Berlin, and Sao Paolo. We have beautiful, commissioned, public art graffiti, beautiful, noncommissioned graffiti, and then we have the impulsive taggers who just make a mess. How to distinguish between the last two as a matter of city policy? Ban the sale of aerosol paint cans, as Chicago did, and you suppress all forms of spontaneous graffiti art, whether they be political, aesthetic, and valid pieces, or simply foul-mouthed arrogant signatures. One resident of the Plateau sighs, "Ceux qui disent que c'est beau n'en n'ont jamais eu chez eux." Readers, do you agree or disagree? Must all public art be planned and approved in this day and age?

Other urban news: Big Brother is watching you on Saint Laurent, after more shootings last week. And some people say that Ottawa's the best city in Canada to live in. Hm.

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