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miami VICE beach PARTY: le lancement du site-web Viceland QC

Posted by Amy / August 31, 2007

When I told people I was going to a launch party for VICELAND Quebec, some were confused. Didn’t VICE Magazine start out in Montreal?

La premiere (mais pas seule) difference entre VICE QC et les autres sites-web VICE est le fait qu’il est uniquement francais.
This frenchness required a party. A big one, with free beer, sick DJs (Crawdaddy Simon played TWO French-language Small Faces covers!), and ‘it’ bands like the honest and darling (dylan met the stones in a garage) Chocolat.
Why the hype? Simple. Only VICE can throw a VICE party, mais en francais, il y a encore plus de ‘je ne sais quoi’.

Only VICE has enough see-and-be-scenester clout to fill a club at 7:30 at night.
Only VICE would set up an easy and democratic email RSVP system and check names at the door, making everybody feel like a Somebody.
Only VICE would promise a pool party in a bar then leave the dry un-inflated swim bowl in a crumpled heap against a wall at the end of the room. To quote VICE magazine’s popular Do’s and Don’ts feature: That’s what being a Do is all about. Not caring.
Only VICE would find that elusive unknown, slick dive – sleazy but not scary, with just enough odd to balance the kitsch. Prices at Bar Chez Clo Clo were stiffer than the mixed drinks, but with VICE giving out free beer until 9 and no cover charge, it seemed crazy to complain.

Alors check VICE QC et check aussi Chez Clo Clo. $5 les Samedis. Du karaoke? Mais bien sur! On chant pour VICE est ses partys claquants.

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