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You hear that, Tremblay?

Posted by MP / August 11, 2007

Montréal environmental activist Jacques Lalonde (who operates the website EcoContribution, has recommended to provincial officials that a 20-cent tax be added to the cost of non-biodegradable plastic bags.

His report to the Environment Ministry, noticed by the CBC, noted that a similar plan to do so in Ireland resulted in a 90% drop in the use of these urban pariahs.

Mayor Tremblay - did you hear that?

With your much-publicized Operation Montréal Net dedicated to clean up the city, a letter of support to M. Lalonde or to the minister of the environment could do a lot to encourage this policy.

The city website claims to be adding more and more garbage cans - in addition to its make-work programs where students walk the streets with carts, and clean-police drive around ticketing smokers for throwing their butts on the sidewalks.

But I really just don't see it! Where are all these garbage cans? All I see are plastic bags - when I do see a can, it's usually full to overflowing.

What about you, faithful readers? What's your opinion of Montréal's cleanliness? Is it improving? Are the clean police doing a good job? Email me or post some comments to this story - I'm sure it will continue to evolve.

Thanks to Flickr user burns1de for the photograph.

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