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This Week in Montreal Blogs: March 5th

Posted by Olivier / March 5, 2008

It looks like I got out of Colombia just in time, inappropriately tanned and ready to provide you with another edition of the only comprehensive rundown on Montreal blogging. Actually, Colombia was a remarkably safe and inviting country, and I make a special request for Colombian culture in Montreal at the end of this post.

The comments section continues to point me to previously unknown (and surprisingly uncreepy) corners of the Montreal blogsphere. Last week, Fagstein took up my challenge to name the best Habs blog on the intraweb and nominated Habs Inside/Out. While their blog credentials are questionable considering their affiliation with the Gazette, they provided good, straightforward coverage of the Habs' perplexing moves and non-moves on trade deadline day.

As for Fagstein, his selfless nomination of another blog without even a mention of his own heavyweight site must be rewarded in kind. Check out this write-up and video clip of a Montreal flash mob in the metro last week. It’s kind of like Just For Laughs Gags, without the laughs.

Urban Photo posted the United Steelworkers of Montreal’s music video elegy for Griffintown and the old Emile Bertrand restaurant. Both the song and the old images of Montreal are a beautiful tribute, and lend passion to the movement to save Griffintown from slapdash development. Yet, the feeling of nostalgia is so strong that I wonder if, rather than opposing development, we’re not just pining for a simpler and harsher way of life that no longer exists?

i never knew writes about a proposal to turn parts of Quebec into server farms. Currently, behemoths like Google waste enormous amounts of energy and money to cool their warehouses full of computers. If these installations were placed in cooler climates like Quebec, energy savings could be as simple as opening a window.

Montreal City Weblog reports on a proposal to re-name Lionel-Groulx metro to Oscar Petersen, who grew up in Southwest Montreal. Some allege that Lionel-Groulx was a racist, and no one denies that Oscar Petersen is one of Montreal’s most successful natives…but I think you’ll have a better chance getting served in English at the SAQ than having this go through.

As always, post any blogs I’ve missed in the comments. I was very impressed with my trip to Colombia and the warmth of the Colombian people, so I’d also love to hear any suggestions as to discovering the supposedly large Colombian and/or Latin American community in Montreal. Blogs, festivals, neighbourhoods, restaurants, etc. are all welcome.

Picture from Midnight Poutine Flickr group user greynotgrey



emily / March 5, 2008 at 08:13 pm
Las Palmas is the only Colombian restaurant I know of (it's on Rachel), but the food is muy muy delicioso!!
Fagstein / March 5, 2008 at 08:32 pm
Why would being associated with The Gazette lessen a website's blogging credentials?
O / March 5, 2008 at 09:28 pm
It's a tough debate, but the side I fall on is that "blogs", if anything, are about an individual's opinion, whereas traditional mainstream media is generally about writers who are restricted by editorial policy and other interests. While I know this isn't always the case, I do have a default skepticism anytime I read a blog that is attached to a major institution. Then again, if it's good, I don't really care. It's just that most "attached" blogs are kind of boring.
O / March 5, 2008 at 09:37 pm
By the way, thanks for the restaurant suggestion Emily. It's not staffed by beautiful Colombianas by any chance, is it?
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