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Won't you be, my 'Gay'bour..

Posted by Melanie / March 1, 2008

Meeting celebrities can be disappointing, especially when they're not really celebrities, just people that are on T.V. more than you are. I did however, have the pleasure of meeting the ever-likeable Trevor Boris of Much Music last night. Headlining at the Comedy Nest (last show tonight) and living the Canadian dream: a gay farmer from Winnipeg who grew into an up-and-coming comedian in Toronto that would eventually co-write the Junos.

To be honest he was really the only person who wasn't absolutely terrible. There was a point where I grew tired of laughing politely and felt like the host was really draining my positive energy.

There was a really funny part of his bit where he comments on how creepy the 'Missed Connections' section of Craiglist is. I consider myself a romantic, but this is something that only works in theory. In real life it's completely terrifying. As if life wasn't hard enough, I have to worry about someone on the Metro following me around.

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