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Metro Roulette: Going Back to School @ Du Collège

Posted by Kim / May 12, 2008

20080512_roulettecollege10.jpgAfter a long hiatus, Midnight Poutine is happy to announce the return of Metro Roulette, the series where intrepid Midnight Poutiners trek from one end of the metro system to the other to bring you the weekly tales of a metro station and its surrounding area.

Today’s public transport journey is all the way up the orange line, to Du Collège in Ville-St-Laurent. The station itself, built in 1984, isn’t anything spectacular, though its Wiki excitedly describes its massive Ionic column, found at the northern entrance. All I really see is a big tower of gray concrete. Perhaps a Corinthian column would’ve added a bit more flair?

At the same entrance are the more colourful stained glass pieces by Lyse Charland Favretti and Pierre Osterrath; his apparently symbolize the agricultural past and future of Ville-St-Laurent.


How effective it is, I leave up to you.

I peeked out the southern entrance, but all that’s there are houses and a bus circle. It's about as thrilling as an Ionic column.

Once upstairs, you’re on the corner of Decarie and Du Collège. The station is named after the street, and the street commemorates Cegep-St-Laurent, a five minute walk down Du Collège. I figured I might as well visit the station’s namesake’s namesake. Du Collège has somewhat high traffic, but it still has that residential feel.

Trees line the sidewalks, and duplexes with gardens are interspersed with little restaurant and stores. The side streets are even more homey, almost to the point of white-picket-fence and 2.5-children, the duplex version.
20080512_roulettecollege15.jpgMy first stop is Piast, a Polish deli across the street, for a quick sandwich. I walked out with a sandwich packed with deli meats, radish, lettuce, a rich, creamy cheese and mayonnaise and big bag of cheddar-jalapeno-potato perigees to bring home. This deli was incredible, stockpiled with every Polish product I could ever think of. That $4 sandwich made the trip worth it already.
20080512_roulettecollege12.jpgBetween Du Collège Restaurant and Pendeli’s Pizza sits a hair salon. Though you wouldn’t know it by looking through the window. All you see is plants, and then, more plants.Very Little Shop of Horrors. Though the posters on the windows indicate something to do with hair. Or scantily-clad women.
20080512_roulettecollege3.jpgFurther down, Cycles St-Laurent, where I’ve heard bike servicing is cheap and great. A fast food Lebanese resto sits in the spot where restos go to die (I’m sure I’ve seen eight different restaurants there over the years), as well as a hot-dog and poutine resto on the corner.
20080512_roulettecollege2.jpgThen there’s Cegep-St-Laurent, followed by Vanier College, so this area is always swarming with students.
20080512_roulettecollege13.jpgThe walk down busy Ste-Croix is actually quite peaceful; these colleges both have abundant green space, filled with trees, flowers and benches.

Turning back up along Ste-Croix towards Decarie, you pass the St-Laurent library and a Fripes-Prix. The walk back towards Du College station is again very pleasant – surrounded by green trees, a wide sidewalk, and people laughing over beer on the many restaurant terraces.

Not wanting to trespass on Cote-Vertu station's territory, I ended the tour here. I wouldn't make the trip up the orange line for the Ionic column. However, I will for another sandwich and bag of perogies.




Jer / May 12, 2008 at 08:54 pm
I can't wait til I need a haircut.
kim / May 12, 2008 at 09:29 pm
Or a little red bra? Or perhaps a gigantic man-eating plant?
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