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The Nasty Show (a.k.a. Your Mom)

Posted by Goran / July 14, 2008


Last night, the Nasty Show (a part of the Just for Laughs Festival) wrapped up a series of fifteen consecutive sold out shows at Club Soda. The show may be one of the festival’s most successful annual franchises, but I’m not sure that I’d recommend it to just about anyone. If you don’t find raping disabled people funny, then this might not be your cup of tea.

From the get-go our Bostonian host Nick Di Paolo prepared us for what was to come through repetitive overuse of becoming terms such as “f*#k”, “b@*#h”, and his apparent personal favourite “c*$#ks#%*!er”. He proved the timeless law of comedy: ‘if it’s not funny the first time, it will be if you keep repeating it.' Maybe I’m just jealous because I tell better jokes about my overspending wife, my overindulgent cocaine habit, and checking out 12-year-old pigeon-feeding Montreal girls. Why didn’t I get my own JFL gig?

Unfortunately, our host was not the worst of them. An untalented ventriloquist and a mid-western redneck now originally residing in L.A. both demonstrated their capacity to provide a superior disappointment. Apparently Rodney Dangerfield has proclaimed the former the best American comedian. Thus, it comes no surprise that his humoristic highlight was his racist/homophobic puppet’s (yet again) repetitive overuse of the word “pussy” (I can write that one out because it really means cat). Or maybe it was funnier that his mouth moved more than the puppet’s did when the puppet was “speaking”. The latter was so memorable that…

Please don’t get me wrong. The show was not a total dud. Opener Joe DeRosa from NYC had a great bit on sexual frustration, which made me think that we bloggers are not such huge losers after all. But the breakthrough performance of the evening went to a proud fellow Hamiltonian Jason Rouse (no bias whatsoever). He stole the show with the aforementioned rape of a wheelchair-ridden disabled lady bit. It was almost as funny when he told the hot girl in the front row that he’d “f*#k” her boyfriend to get to her. I think that was my dad’s pick-up line in the early 70’s.

Mad props must also be administered to Bostonian Nasty Show veteran/favourite/headliner Patrice Oneal. He was as funny as all the comedians put together. I think it’s because he ate each one of them as they got off stage. But seriously, the dude is at least as funny as he is big. Both Oneal and Rouse are definitely worth checking out if you haven’t done so already. Keep your cursor on your bookmarks (or favourites depending on the browser) for Friday, when I will bring you the world’s hottest, most cutting-edge, make you say “so true” racist jokes from the JFL Ethnic Heroes of Comedy.

Photos from flickr user highplains and Jason Rouse



Richard / July 14, 2008 at 11:40 pm
Many times better than last year. This year’s Nasty Show had me laughing out loud for a good part of the evening. Rouse was a great surprise as Patrice Oneal was the reason for me giving the show a second chance, it definitely didn't disappoint. I'm looking forward to Jeremy Hotz this Friday!
Tam / January 19, 2009 at 12:58 am
Wow, did you ever hit it with this review, I have never heard so few laughs on a comedy show, I just feel sorry for you having paid to see this show instead of catching it for free on TV like we did.
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shell from the letter could have already been written including the introduction and reinforcement of skills explaining why you are the best candidate.

If you happen to be searching for the very best bag to your laptop then a
Kenneth Cole Durango leather messenger bag is one from the highly recommended bags for
you. Every model of laptop was made so ethically and for many
usage reasons that will surely serves all requirements of the consumers.
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If you're searching for just a high-quality Plasma TV set for a
few time, then look no further, and hang up your sights around the Panasonic
TX-P37X10B. The G155 Mobile Gaming System displays your games in all of the their glory with a 15.
Vga to component converter best buy Basically the PS3 has to be capable to be aware of
and answer this new EDID value sent with the 3DTV.

Not just has sound reproduction been an essential consideration within the Yamaha YSP2200, but connectivity
may be taken into consideration too. This new connection has reduced
the confusion related to audio-visual cables.
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These are often called "blister pack" radios, because they come in plastic
containers. Now, within just a few seconds of searching on your
preferred radio station online, it is possible to automatically listen to
your favourite radio station. Walkie talkie baofeng Civilizations somewhat
higher than ours could possibly be expected to have knowledge
that could be of significant advantage to us.

At the period, you have access to repeaters which can be located everywhere in the country.
Best walkie talkies Today bpr40 is one in the most sought
after kinds of Motorola also it expects to become so in the coming years too.
Three minutes is really a decent level of air -time over a news style program, especially when the globe has moved more
toward “sound bites.
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These security systems ensure that the complete satisfaction to the people who have bought and used
these security devices for ensuring safety of an individual.
The CCTV is the term for "closed circuit television" systems
that feature the group of small cameras and television set.
Cctv gala Such a good conclusion could not happen to be reached without it CCTV and police camera pictures, with the endless work
with the police back office staff.

Also, police vans that start surveillance mission are pre-loaded with this wireless security camera.
Well, basically it refers to your presentation, running,
maintenance and safety of an vehicle parking zone.
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