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Morning Brew: September 30, 2008

Posted by Michael / September 26, 2008

2008_09_25_in_and_of_the.jpgPhoto: of and in of the neighborhood itself by greynotgrey courtesy of the Midnight Poutine Flickr Pool.

The morning news in a fresh brew for Friday, September 26 2008:

Gilles Duceppe likened Harper's proposed squeezedown on tough crime to throwing 'fresh meat' in our prisons. Harper asked him to retract this 'extreme and irresponsible' statement. Duceppe won't. Since this, his party is up in the polls at mainly the Torie's expense. Harper's proposals may have the province scared over a possible Torie majority.

Jean Charest says there is no recession on Quebec's horizon. Despite slowdowns in exports to the ailed US, our real-estate market holds strong and our banks aren't locked in high-risk investments.

The Montreal police have surpassed the limits of garrish, unfashionable pressure tactics by wearing camouflage pants. The pants are meant to protest the forces's lack of contract, but camo may send the wrong message to immigrants who come from totalitarian regimes according to police chief Yvan Delorme. The city has taken measures to intervene and put an end to the camo.

We import 560 000 tonnes of foodstuffs (gotta love the vagueness in that word) from China every year, making them our third largest food supplier. The fact that the food comes from China, a country with a full roster of food scandals, doesn't bother me as much as it might parents who are hard pressed to find baby food without ingredients from China. What does get me is the fact that the foodstuffs go halfway around the world when they could've been produced right here.

Anybody interested in the American election campaign should check out the Q&A later today with John Ibbitson fro the Globe and Mail. It starts at 11. If you want you can submit a question.



Micahel Black / September 26, 2008 at 12:23 pm
You should link with the story from a few
months ago about how the cops wanted more
military type uniforms. I can't give a date,
and can't recall the exact reasoning. I
think it had something to do with "functionality".

The camo pants are a move in that direction,
and I think it's deliberate, not just an
alternative to their jeans.

The uniforms have already moved far
from the formality that they once were. But
it doesn't make for familiarity, it just seems
to make them far more visible as ready to pounce.
The bullet proof vests don't help but add to
the image of a state of siege. Yes, those are
really useful if someone starts shooting at
them, but that rarely happens.

So the story this weeks seems to be specifically
about the camo pants, which seemed only to show
up recently. And if that's the case, then I
suspect the city is taking an issue with
the camo pants because of what it may represent

paloma / September 26, 2008 at 06:07 pm
Dude, last I checked we did not go back to the future!
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